Kent State College Of Business Administration Husband And Wife Published In Separate Leading Journals

Kent State’s College of Business Administration’s Assistant Professors of Management and Information Systems, Asli Arikan, Ph.D. and Ilgaz Arikan, Ph.D. will be published in forthcoming leading journal publications.Husband and Wife Ilgaz and Asli Arikan published in separate leading journals

Ilgaz and Asli have been married for 20 years and were high school sweethearts. The Arikan’s have one daughter, Serin, who is 8 years old. Both were hired at the College of Business Administration in 2014 as Assistant Professors in the Management and Information Systems Department.

Asli will be published in the Journal of Finance for her paper titled “Corporate Acquisitions, Diversification, and the Firm’s Lifecycle.”Asli, along with co-author René M. Stulz from The Ohio State University, research different theories pertaining to firms, their performance and acquisitions.

Their abstract states, “Agency theories predict that managers of older firms make value-destroying acquisitions instead of optimally returning cash to shareholders. Neo-classical theories predict instead that such firms make wealth-increasing acquisitions, especially diversifying ones, because they have underutilized assets. In an examination of IPO cohorts through their lifecycle, we find that, while younger firms make more related and diversifying acquisitions than mature firms, the acquisition rate follows a u-shape through firms’ lifecycle. In contrast to agency theories, the older firms that acquire more have better performance and growth opportunities; further, they create wealth through acquisitions of private firms and subsidiaries, whether these are related or diversifying acquisitions. In support of agency theories, the older firms that acquire more have greater cash holdings and destroy wealth through acquisitions of public firms, but they do so for both related and diversifying acquisitions.”  

Asli received her Ph.D. from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University with concentrations in strategic management and corporate finance. Her research focuses on the growth programs of newly IPOed firms, technological investment decisions and the relationship between intangible assets and firm performance. Her recent papers appeared in the Strategic Management Journal and the Journal of Finance. She is a recipient of several research awards, including the SMS Booz-Allen Hamilton Paper Prize and Robert Litschert Best Doctoral Student Paper Award.

Ilgaz will be published in MIS Quarterly for his paper “(Mis)fit of Plural Sourcing Strategies and IT-enabled Process Integration Capabilities: Consequences for Firm Performance in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry.”

The abstract states, “Recent work has shown that a firm’s plural sourcing strategy that determines how much it chooses to make versus how much it chooses to buy requires consideration of the complementarities and constraints that affect the differential advantages of making and buying. Elaborating on this perspective, we theorize how (mis)fit between a firm’s plural sourcing strategy of simultaneously making and buying and its development of interfirm and intrafirm IT-enabled process integration capabilities influences firm performance in deregulated markets. We discuss the implications of our findings for the development of IT capabilities to accompany a firm’s plural sourcing strategy and for the literature on IT business value.”

Ilgaz received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Prior to his current position at Kent State University, he taught at Boston University, Georgia State University and at The Ohio State University in the MBA, Executive MBA and executive education programs. He has authored articles and chapters in academic and professional journals and books on entrepreneurial and established firms' strategies and the choice between initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures.

“I am very glad that my work on Management and Information Systems is published in MIS Quarterly, the leading journal in the field,” Ilgaz said. “In addition to its high impact score in the discipline based on world-wide dissemination of new theory and methods, this will also bring recognition to the many research activities we are involved with at the College of Business Administration and particularly in the Management and Information Systems Department. My current research continues to explore the nature of how firms create and sustain competitive advantage in various contexts. To this effect, I study firm behavior and strategies using an interdisciplinary lens using unique databases.”

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