Kent State University College of Business Administration Students Receive Student Venture Funds

APRIL 2016

Several Kent State College of Business Administration students received Student Venture Assessment grants to help develop their business ideas. The Student Venture Assessment Grant was established to help support students jump start their business through entrepreneurial guidance by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.

During the past academic year, a total of $4,447 in Student Venture Assessment grants was awarded to seven students.

"One of my favorite parts of my job is providing brilliant and energetic student entrepreneurs student venture funds to help them pursue their dreams of starting their own businesses," said Shawn Rohlin, associate professor in the Department of Economics at the College of Business Administration. "These students are excellent examples of the creative and ambitious business ideas coming out of Kent State's College of Business Administration."

Kent State College of Business Administration senior entrepreneurship major Abby Green was awarded the grant for her business, "How Eventful, LCC."

"I was so excited to find out that I received the grant," Green said. "I have endless ideas for how I can use the money. First, I want to expand marketing at bridal shows to increase awareness of our services. I am sincerely thankful for the grant and cannot wait to see how it will impact my business."

How Eventful, LLC opened for business in September 2015, based in Kent, Ohio. The company focuses on wedding coordination, corporate events and planning special events. Green has planned three events since opening with five more events booked that she is currently planning.

Green started How Eventful, LLC because of her passion for design and the desire to provide clients with a perfect, stress-free event.

"I want to help others plan an event of a lifetime," Green said.

Six other College of Business Administration students were also awarded Student Venture Assessment Grants:

  • Alexandra Rose, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Cocoa Joe's;
  • Anthony Milia, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Novus Detailing;
  • Candice McGill, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Cause Ur Beautiful;
  • Curtis Meister, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: # Marketing Solutions;
  • Nicholas Martinez, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Bravo Watersports;
  • Amanda Morneweck, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Refresh and Repurposed;
  • Azib Bajwa, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: Mochi Cordwainers and Company;
  • Dominique Cook, senior entrepreneurship major, Start-up: iCollab

In addition, Vincent Orlandi, a senior entrepreneurship major in the College of Business Administration, was awarded the Student Venture Growth Grant of $2,000. To be eligible for this award, students completed a business plan that the proposed business committed to launching. Samuel Graska, senior biology major and Alexandra Rose, recent Kent State graduate with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship and a minor in human resource management, were also awarded Student Venture Growth Grants of $1,000 each.

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