Student Spotlight: Erin Liggett

Student smiles at the cameraWho is your favorite College of Business faculty or staff member?
Diane DeRubertis in the Management and Information Systems department is definitely my favorite faculty member, because she genuinely cares about all of her students and is energetic and fun.  Professor DeRubertis’ classes are always engaging and I feel like I learn something new from her experiences as a professional every day I am in class with her.  I have always found her relatable and sincere, and I am fortunate enough to have had her for two classes and to work with her directly as her Student Success Leader for FYE this semester.

What is your favorite course you have taken in the College of Business Administration?
I have loved all of my management and human resource management courses that I have taken, because they have equipped me with the critical thinking, communication, leadership and facilitation skills that will help me in my future endeavors, but my all-time favorite business course I have taken was Legal Environment of Business with Lois Beier. The class was engaging and we had the opportunity to form our own law firms and work through cases, we learned about ethical decision making and law, and how the law impacts our everyday decisions.  I also made great friends in that class from a variety of majors within business that I otherwise would not have had class with. 

What is your favorite office in the College of Business?
The Undergraduate Programs Office in the College of Business is without a doubt the most amazing place at Kent State, and I am not just saying that because I work there. These advisors want to see every student meet and exceed their full potential. They have a passion for purpose and growth and they want each student to find their niche at Kent. Whether it’s a standard advising appointment or a question about how to schedule classes, where to find a resource, what organizations or clubs to check out, or what country to venture to for a semester abroad, they want to see every student succeed and will go out of their way to see a student through until graduation day.  The Undergraduate Programs Office really helped to transform both the College of Business and Kent State into my home and a place that I love from the bottom of my heart.    

What is your dream job? What is your plan to achieve your goals and obtain that dream job?
My dream job is a job that I did not grow up fantasizing about, nor is it the one that I entered into college pursuing, but entering into my senior year, a career in higher education and student personnel is a career path that I see as most rewarding. Through being involved in this college and across campus, nothing makes me happier than helping a peer in need and watching them grow and find themselves when earlier they were struggling. This fall, I plan to submit my application for graduate studies to Kent State University for the Higher Education and Student Personnel program in hopes of beginning my journey to pursue a Master’s degree. My goal is to do for other students what my advisors and mentors have done for me, which is helping them find their own unique path by looking deeper inside themselves and instilling the confidence in them to do things that scare them so that they grow as individuals.    

Are you involved in any student organizations? 
I am currently President of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a MAPS (Mentors Aiding in Peer Success) Peer Mentor for the College of Business. As for SHRM, my favorite thing about it is that the organization and all of its officers are amazing people who not only want to one day better the lives of employees within an organization, but also want to better SHRM and all of its members and help them to professionally develop and have fun at the same time. In addition to our bi-weekly meetings, we have big plans to grow the organization more and make it a great year, including networking with professionals, hosting the HR Forum Speaker Series, philanthropy events, socials with other College of Business student organizations and clubs, holding fundraising events on campus and throughout Downtown Kent, and attending a SHRM Conference somewhere in this region.     

The MAPS Peer Mentor program is a program that I hold near and dear to my heart. The other mentors are not only my peers, but are my friends and my family in the College of Business. My favorite part of the program is getting to know the new freshmen and being one of the people that is there for them during their transition into college life. Our mentors range from sophomore to senior status and MAPS has mentors from almost every major within business. We have all had great college experiences so far and love the College of Business and Kent State as a whole, and we want every freshman to be able to say the same after their freshman year.  MAPS specializes in study strategies, time management, resume critiquing and campus involvement and we love our freshmen friends!  We are also involved with the Business Living-Learning Community and frequently make appearances at their events and also host our own.  New this semester, we have an office in Prentice Hall room 135D next door to Munchies where you can come in to meet with a mentor, to color a picture or to play a game to decompress after classes, so stop in and say hello to us!

Where is your favorite spot to sit and relax in the College of Business?
Believe it or not, my all-time favorite spot to relax and read in the College of Business is the bench outside of room 110, because while classes are in session, the main hallway is quiet with minimal distractions. When classes let out, it is lively and I always see someone I know, and if I happen to not see someone I already know, I make a new friend. 

What advice would you give to peers about the process of getting internships/career preparation?
Start attending the job and internship fairs early, because when you do, you are already giving yourself a competitive edge. The experience of attending your first job and internship fair is nerve-racking, but that feeling is dramatically heightened when you are attending your first fair as a junior or senior and are desperately in need of an internship in order to graduate. Approaching employers, exchanging business cards, giving your elevator pitch and expressing an interest in pursuing an internship to a representative from a corporation all comes with practice and experience. The sooner you start utilizing the career services office in room A309, having your resume and cover letter reviewed, doing mock interviews and going to internship fairs, the more natural the experience of attending job and internship fairs will seem.