Ph.D. in Accounting

The Ph.D. program in Accounting provides research and teaching skills that prepare students for an academic career in accounting. Ph.D. students will gain valuable knowledge and research experience in the areas of auditing, managerial accounting and financial accounting.

Concentration Courses

  • ACCT 83031 - Auditing Issues
  • ACCT 83033 - Managerial Accounting Issues
  • ACCT 83037 - Financial Accounting Issues
  • ACCT 83038 - Basic Accounting Research Methodology
  • ACCT 83098 - Research in Accounting



The Department of Accounting considers research mentoring as a critical component in the education of our Ph.D. students. Students learn research skills not only during the coursework but also through the graduate assistantship program and in their dissertation work.

Under the teaching fellowship program, the Department Chair assigns Ph.D. students to graduate faculty members each semester. The faculty members, depending upon their research needs, may involve the assigned student on one of their existing projects or a new research project. Students have an opportunity to learn how a research project is conducted right from the start. 

During the second year of the program, students develop a Major Paper under the direction of two faculty advisors. Ph.D. students are also encouraged to work with a faculty member on joint research projects during the first and second summers of their program of study. The Ph.D. Program Coordinator serves as a facilitator by assisting students in matching student and faculty interests. 


Research Faculty