Ph.D. FAQ | College of Business Administration | Kent State University


Program Structure

When does the Ph.D. program start?

It starts fall semester only. 


Can I attend the Ph.D. program part time?

The Ph.D. program is a full-time program only. 


What Ph.D. concentrations are offered?

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing


How long does it take to get a Ph.D.?

The time to completion will vary by student, but the average time nationwide to complete a Ph.D. in Business Administration is five years full-time. 


How many new students do you admit each year?

We admit approximately three students per department so, on average, we enroll 12 new students per year.


If I am an international student, am I required to take a test of the English language?

Yes, international applicants must either take the TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson TSE.


What are the minimum English test scores accepted?

  • TOEFL IBT: 100
  • IELTS: 7


Can the English Language test requirement be waived?

The general university rule is that an applicant must have had two full years of United States education in order to be considered for a waiver of the English Language test requirement. If you meet the criteria or for more clarification, contact the Office of Global Education.


When are classes scheduled?

Monday through Friday, throughout each day.


What is the minimum GMAT score accepted?

Because our program is highly competitive, there is no set minimum that would assure an applicant admission. Our average GMAT score is 680.


Do I need a Master’s degree in order to be considered?   

Because the program is highly competitive, an applicant should have a master’s degree in order to be considered for the program. However, the degree is not required to be in a business discipline.  


Aside from the GMAT, what other factors are considered in admission?

Other factors include courses taken and grade point average (transcripts), essay of goals and objectives, work experience (resume), and letters of recommendation. A test of English is also required for international applicants.


Can I be reviewed for admission if I haven’t taken the GMAT?

Unfortunately, no. All application materials, including the GMAT, must be received before a file can be reviewed for admission.


Do you have conditional admission?

Because our program is highly selective, we do not offer conditional admission.


If admitted, how can I apply for a teaching and research fellowship?

Because it is important for a student to be immerged in the academic environment, if a student is admitted into our Ph.D. program the student is normally offered a teaching and research fellowship. A student does not have to apply s no separate fellowship application.


What does the teaching and research fellowship include?

The fellowship includes a full tuition waiver for courses needed in the Ph.D. program, along with a $20,000 stipend for the academic year + and optional $3,000 stipend for summer, in exchange for teaching and research in the College of Business Administration.


When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is December 15th.


Do all of the admission documents need to be in by the deadline? 

Yes, all admission materials must be submitted by the deadline in order for an admission file to be reviewed.