Student Feature: Junior Finance and Business Management Major Connor Meehan

connor meehan


College of Business Administration student Connor Meehan, a junior pursuing a degree in finance and business management, is the senator for the College of Business Administration, allowing him to serve as the liaison between the College and the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Read on to learn more about his journey and leadership at Kent State.


What does your USG position entail?

This position was created to give the undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration a voice. I do this through holding monthly committee meetings for all students who wish to join. This position is also heavily involved with other initiatives all over campus since all of USG works together as a cohesive unit.


What are you currently working on as College of Business senator?

My main focus is to make myself and my position known to students. I did not know we had a USG representative until I heard about the position from friends who mentioned that no one was running for it. In fact, I won this position as a write-in candidate. This motivates me to advertise my position and inform business students about this opportunity so they can voice their concerns. In order to be effective in my role, students need to know who I am, what I do, and how to get in contact with me. I recently wrote a blog post that I hope will encourage students to join my committee meetings.


What do you hope to work on in the future as senator?

I am looking to get more ideas from students within the college about how to make the College a better place to learn, develop and succeed. I will also meet with the Dean and all of the department chairs to discuss their thoughts and ideas. Although my main concern is addressing the students’ wants, it would be nice to be able to bring in a business executive to discuss their experiences and do a Q&A with students.


How has Kent State prepared you for life outside of college?

The College of Business Administration has offered me many opportunities to prepare myself for life outside of college. Student organizations, such as the Golden Flash Asset Management Group, have given me real world experience in a field that I hope to pursue after graduation. Coursework geared toward my major has helped qualify me for internships. Lastly, the vast number of speakers I have heard, thanks to various student organizations within the College, have provided me with advice, information and wisdom.