Student Global Experiences


“Studying abroad was one of the best things I’ve ever done! Getting the chance to take courses in Marketing, Finance, and Management that had an international perspective was extremely rewarding to me.  I got to watch my teachers directly relate the studies to real world situations and their own past experiences. I hope to find a post grad job that have global opportunities because of my amazing time abroad. I loved every moment of learning the Swiss culture and living abroad. I cannot thank Kent State enough for providing me this opportunity and making it happen.” 




Kelly Corey

Marketing Major, Healthcare Systems Management Minor

Kent State Geneva Spring 2019 Semester


“I was fortunate enough to spend four months studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic during my second semester junior year. Prague was simply beautiful and made for such an enriching experience. The host university was nested in a restored palace just minutes from the city center. My time abroad has served as a catalyst for helping me understand the international world of commerce and gaining confidence in navigating unfamiliar situations. One of the most impactful things I experienced abroad included collaborating with students and professors from all over the world which allowed me to learn more about international business in several countries. Additionally, the skills I gained from transitioning to a foreign territory allowed to better manage uncertainty and change - something I believe will be critical in my career. I am looking forward to applying my refined skill set in many facets of my life moving forward.”




John McDermott

Accounting Major

Kent State Prague Spring 2019 Semester


“Studying abroad for any time span changes an individual.  My month in Florence far exceeded my expectations. I had the challenges but adventures of navigating the city streets, living with other students, and adapting to a new campus environment, different from the familiar Kent one. I enjoyed learning about international marketing and Roman history, because I read about it, and then I got to explore and discover it from field trips, like the Gucci Garden Museum. I had the chance to learn more about the culture, economies, and history of Siena, Rome, and Venice through weekend school trips. I grew to love the Italian lifestyle of delicious food and delightful company to share it with. Florence provided me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, grow my interest of international business, and a stronger passion to travel the world.”




Mariana Gowdy

Human Resource Management Major, International Business and Nonprofit Studies Minors

Florence Summer Institute 2019


“Having the opportunity to go on my study abroad trip to Brazil was a life-changing experience. I embraced a new culture, met amazing people, and got to see how successful businesses ran down there. Brazil opened my eyes and helped grow my passion for diversity within a business. I was so blessed to be able to go on that trip to Brazil and I would not change it for the world.”




Jaimaya Pruitt

Business Management Major

International Experience in Management: Brazil and the Global Arena Spring Break 2019


“Throughout my GAV internship in Ireland, I grew immeasurably both in the workplace and in life. Every day I reminded myself how lucky I was to be spending my summer in Dublin. The Irish community was incredibly welcoming, and taught me so much about their culture, their customs, and even about myself. Throughout my time at CurrencyFair, I worked with the Digital Marketing Team focusing on reaching out to potential affiliates for partnerships. Near the end of my internship, I went to a networking event at the Google EMEA HQ. I made many connections with people who work for the Digital Marketing and Sales teams at Google. Some of the people I met even invited me back for a tour of the Google campus. All in all, I am so grateful and appreciate this opportunity so much; it was the best two months of my life.”




Brendan Marx

Business Management Major, Professional Sales Certificate

GAV Ireland Internship Summer 2019