Student Spotlight: Evan Hudson

Evan HudsonEvan Hudson, Student Spotlight Feature
Major: Computer Information Systems

My name is Evan Hudson and I am a junior Computer Information Systems major. Before attending the VanBenthuysen Top Student Scholars Showcase this fall, I would receive emails and see signs posted around the College of Business Administration building regarding Career Services, but at that time I hadn't thought about what it would actually take to get a job once I graduated. At the beginning of my junior year, however, I realized that I was not prepared to go into the job market. I did not think I had what was needed to be attractive to employers. It had been more than two years since I had updated my resume. I had no idea how to write a strong cover letter or give an elevator pitch and I was unaware of the preparation that goes into an interview. I realized that I was halfway done with school, and the only thing I had to show for it was my coursework. I knew I needed relevant experience in order to be competitive in the job market, and that I only had two years to do it. I needed help and learned that the Career Services Office could provide the kind of help I needed.

The first time I went to Career Services, it was for a resume review. I didn’t know what to expect, but my advisor did more than simply look over my resume; she taught me about the mechanics of a good resume and how to properly feature my experiences while highlighting my strengths. She also shared information with me about the VanBenthuysen Top Student Scholars Showcase. I became interested in attending after hearing her describe the event. It sounded like exactly what I needed to set myself up for future success. Events hosted by the Career Services Office are offered because they help students become more attractive to employers.

In order to participate in the Showcase, I learned that I needed to attend a workshop, complete a mock interview and participate in a resume review. By completing these requirements, I was able to learn how to properly navigate a career fair, answer questions in an interview and have a resume that showcases my strengths. I'm thankful I followed the recommendations of the Career Services Office because it contributed to my success in receiving offers from a new job I can work during the school year as well as a summer internship. Thanks to the Career Services Office and the VanBenthuysen Top Student Scholars Showcase, I am on my way to securing a high paying job when I graduate. I am gaining the experiences that I need to be attractive to employers, and I know that I have the tools necessary for my success. Events like this can really open up amazing opportunities and should not be overlooked!