Student Spotlight: Michaela Judy

Michaela JudyMichaela Judy
Major: Business Management

Q: What is your hometown and major?

A: I am a Junior Business Management Major, Human Resource Minor and Professional Sales Certificate Candidate. I am from Mentor, Ohio.

Q: Best advice you have for your fellow COBA majors.

A: Never give up! I know that sometimes we become overwhelmed and frustrated, but just look at those days as little bumps in the road and don’t let them stop you from reaching your goals. Ask for help. Your professors understand that sometimes we get overwhelmed and don’t always know how to prioritize or handle things. Ask them for help because they might be able to give you some advice.

Q: What organizations/extra curriculars are you involved in?

A: I am involved in the Business Professionals Roundtable Organization, which I hold the Marketing Position on its executive board. I am also apart of The National Society of Leadership and Success, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, The Collegiate Society of Leadership and Achievement, The National Defense Industrial Association, The Undergraduate Research Symposium and I am a Ballroom Dance Assistant.

Q: If you have studied abroad, what is your best study abroad memory from your experience and why is this your favorite memory? If you have not studied abroad, what is your dream study abroad trip and why?

A: Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to study abroad yet, but I would love to study abroad in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland or London.

Q: Who is your favorite College of Business faculty or staff member and why?

A: I have a few favorite professors. My first being Dean Liz because she has helped me with a lot. When I was a freshman, I was having an issue with one of my classes and she helped me come up with a solution to work out the issue. Even though we came up with a solution and worked it out, she still asked me about my class, encouraged me and was always there for me when I needed her. She never gave up on me. Another professor was my economics teacher, Dr. Leontieva. Economics was a difficult subject for me and I really struggled with it. When I approached Dr. Leontieva, she suggested that I come to her office hours so we can talk about it. She was so helpful!! She came up with ways or explanations to help me better understand the material. She would even go through some of my homework questions with me to make sure I understood what the question was asking. She was always very patient with me and never made me feel like a failure or that I could never do well in her class. She was always encouraging and supportive of her students. There are so many others I could talk about!!! 

Q: What is your dream job? What is your plan to achieve your goals and obtain that dream job?

A: My dream job consists of either working in the management department in the F.B.I or turning my research idea into an actual business. For the past three years, I have been working on researching the enhancement and effectiveness of military combat gear. I hope to create a business creating durable and effective uniforms for our soldiers in combat. Law has always been very fascinating to me and either one of these opportunities would be wonderful. 

Q: Where is your favorite spot to sit and relax in the College of Business?

A: I like to either sit by the Delta Sigma Café on the second floor with some friends or study on the third floor. 

Q: What is your favorite office in the College of Business and why?

A: I don’t have a favorite office. Every office that I have ever gone to in the business building has always been very helpful and friendly.

Q: What is your favorite course you have taken in the College of Business and why?

A: I love to learn, so it is difficult to narrow down my favorite course, but if I did have to choose it would be my marketing class and legal environments of business class. I enjoyed my marketing class because it relates to my sales certificate. It taught me about customer’s needs, wants and desires and how to market my product to different customers. We also discussed different market segments and how to appeal to those segments. Overall, I found the class fun and interesting. I enjoyed my legal environments of business class because I have always found the law to be very interesting. This class discussed the business side of law and I found it fascinating. We were placed into groups and given actual cases and it was our job to either protect the plaintiff or the defendant and we got to act it out as if it was court. I loved it!! If my research turns into a business, I would like to go to law school and learn more about patent law.

Q: If you belong to a student organization or club within the College of Business, what do you want students to know about your student organization or club? 

A: I am part of the Business Professionals Roundtable (BPR) Organization here in the College of Business. It is a student advisory group that works with a representative of each student organization as well as other students from the College of Business. We discuss successes and difficulties of each organization and also host fundraisers.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your organization or club?

A: My favorite part of BPR is our Trivia Night. It’s a night full of fun and friendly competition between the different student organizations and the professors. The questions range from about Kent to the College of Business to even general questions. It’s my favorite event that we host! You get to meet new people and have some fun!

Q: Have you attended an Internship, Co-op and Career Fair? 

A: Yes, I attended the Internship, Co-Op and Career Fair this past October.

Q: If yes, what is one tip you would give to your peers about going to their first Internship, Co-op and Career Fair?

A: The advice that I would give to my peers would be to make sure that you are prepared. Make sure your resume is up to date; take it to the Career Services Office and have them look at it. Personally, I recommend having a business card with your name and contact information on it as well, and give it to the person you are speaking with when you leave. Also make sure you dress professionally when you attend. Don’t come in jeans and a t-shirt because you want to make a good first impression. These companies are looking for potential prospects to work for their company. One of my professors used to say that your first impression is your lasting impression. Make sure that you have an elevator pitch ready; a little quick introduction about yourself. Smile and be friendly. I know that this can be intimidating but just remember to smile and be confident! This is your time to shine! Lastly, a day or two after the event make sure you send a thank you note to all of the companies that you met. By sending either a handwritten letter or an email shows that you really care and you appreciate them taking the time to come over and speak with you.