What will you gain as a marketing or entrepreneurship student? Hear from alumni who took part in our sales, marketing and entrepreneurship classes and learn how they used their experience to build successful careers. 


Anne Skoch"The entrepreneurship program kick-started my entrepreneurial mindset and enabled me to grow my startup into a full-time career post-graduation. I was able to apply my coursework directly to my business and work with entrepreneurs one-on-one to learn how to succeed in my startup. I have been in business for five years thanks to the entrepreneurship program and look forward to continuing my growth thanks to everything I learned in the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship."

Anne Skoch
Founder & CEO
Anne Cate
BS Fashion Merchandising & Minor of Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors, '18 





Anne Skoch"The Entrepreneurship program at Kent State University helped me not only start a successful business but outshine others while competing for a position at companies. I have worked for a Fortune 500 Company, a Top 100 Dealership in the USA, and large manufacturers all because I could think outside the norm and bring a different perspective to the table. The entrepreneurship program allowed me to learn with hands-on experience from professors who have built successful businesses."

Brock Bernholtz
Ignite Marketing Group
BBA Entrepreneurship, '15





Claire Frye"The professional selling class helped me prepare for the sales internship and pushed me to keep going. I got my real estate license in December of 2020 after an internship with a commercial real estate broker, making me a full-time agent and full-time student. In 2021, I sold over $3.5M and more than fifteen homes in addition to making plans to list three homes in the same week I was to graduate from Kent State."

Claire Frye
JAMM Real Estate Co.
BBA Marketing, '21





Charles Marin"The entrepreneurship program at Kent State allows students to learn all aspects of what it means to start a business. The faculty and staff are absolutely amazing in ensuring students are getting the best education to run their businesses."

Charles Marin
Graduate Student
BBA Entrepreneurship, '21 





Autumn Mickens"Recruiting Kent State sales students has really changed my standard when looking for an ideal candidate for our program. They are so poised, professional and clearly understand how to conduct themselves in a real-life sales environment. It is clear to me that the work that is being done in the sales program at Kent State is lightyears ahead of other universities."

Autumn Mickens 
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Enterprise Holdings