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The Center for Applied Conflict Management now offers graduate level courses as part of the Conflict Analysis and Management Track in the Political Science doctoral program. 

In addition, CACM faculty have also worked with students in the Master of Liberal Studies program who want to include conflict management as a component of their degree.  More information about graduate study options with the Center or Applied Conflict Management can be found below.

Conflict Analysis and Management Track in Political Science Ph.D Program

In 2013, the Kent State Department of Political Science and the Center for Applied Conflict Management created a track in “Conflict Analysis and Management” in the Political Science Ph.D degree.*  KSU’s Department of Political Science has offered a popular doctorate since the late 1960s. The Center for Applied Conflict Management (CACM) is a long-time leader in peace and conflict studies both in the state and nationally.

Established in 1971 as a “living memorial” to the KSU students killed on May 4, 1970 by the Ohio National Guard, CACM’s undergraduate degree in Applied Conflict Management is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most well-regarded such programs.  Now political science doctoral students can also benefit from the award-winning teaching and research of the Center’s conflict management faculty members by choosing the Conflict Analysis and Management track in the Political Science PhD. It is the only such doctoral program available in the state of Ohio.

CACM Director and Professor Patrick Coy says that “This means that doctoral students receive the best of both worlds: they obtain a doctorate in a traditional discipline like political science even while the Conflict Analysis and Management concentration sets them apart, establishing them as experts in the cutting-edge and evolving field of conflict management. They can market themselves as both political scientists and conflict management specialists, expanding their employability.”

For more information

Dr. Ryan Claassen, Graduate Studies Coordinator, Department of Political Science: 330-672-2060;
Department of Political Science graduate program

Dr. Landon Hancock, Associate Professor, Center for Applied Conflict Management: 330-672-0904;
Center for Applied Conflict Management

All applications for the Political Science PhD degree, including the "Conflict Analysis and Management" track, must be made online. Learn more.

Read a news article about the creation of this track and the 40th anniversary of the Applied Conflict Management degree program.

Master of Liberal Studies Program

Students interested in doing master’s level work can study with CACM faculty through Kent State’s Master in Liberal Studies program, which allows students to design their own personalized multidisciplinary graduate course of study. Courses from the Conflict Analysis and Management Track in Political Science can be incorporated into the liberal studies plan, and students can also do research with CACM faculty.

Other Graduate Degree Programs

Some graduate degree programs at Kent State allow students to take electives in other departments. Student seeking graduate degrees in other programs may be able to take courses from the Conflict Analysis and Management track in Political Science to enhance their study in other disciplines.