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CAE Employee Resources

Welcome College of Aeronautics and Engineering employees! This page will serve as a hub for CAE employee resources. Register your event, request supplies for your event, or volunteer for an event below. Check out the Marketing Process to stay on track getting your marketing materials and event promotion. Print a faculty/staff absence requisition authorization form. More to come!

Forms and Documents

Print/view the College of Aeronautics and Engineering Faculty Handbook, PDF

Print/view faculty/staff absence requisition authorization form, PDF


If you need give-away items or on-hand supplies for an event, please request them at least two weeks in advance via the link below. This protocol will:

  • Reserve items such as table linens, banners, signs, easels
  • Allow tracking of where give-away items are being used
  • Allow budgeting for items that are needed

Need a table linen or cooler for your event? Maybe a "sandwich" board sign holder? Need give-aways? Click the link below to reserve items for your event. Items are subject to availability and are at the discretion of the Director of Marketing and PR Communications. Items not kept in stock need to be ordered by the individual making the request. Please be courteous and remember to return all borrowed items within two business days of the conclusion of your event. Thank you!

CAE Event supply requisition form

Having an event? Let us know! We can place your event on the CoT calendar in Outlook and the media televisions in the ATB atrium.

CAE Event Registration 

Would you like to volunteer for an event? Volunteers are always welcome!

Click Here to Volunteer

Marketing Process

This is the process and timeline for creating marketing materials. Following this protocol will ensure our marketing materials are accurate and help us reach our goals. All marketing should include an action item for the stakeholder and metrics so we know how to define a goal has been achieved.

Phase 1 Planning and Research


Decide what your goals are for the project/marketing piece. Who is the audience?


What marketing has been done in the past? What worked and what did not? Why does the audience care about this message? What do you want to tell them? What actions do you want them to take after receiving the message?

Get started

Write necessary content (answer questions on the protocol sheet)


When do you need the marketing materials? Please provide all necessary information 6 weeks prior to the two months needed for promoting (if applicable). If no promoting is necessary, 6 weeks advanced notice is needed.

Phase 2 Design


I will edit content for AP style and conciseness


I will work with a graphic designer to create graphic options for the project.


I will create text using the information provided to accomplish marketing goals.


I will send the marketing materials to you for review with a deadline to keep on schedule.

Phase 3 Post Design


Any needed revisions are made. I make sure the concept will help meet goals. Two revisions may be needed.


The approved materials are sent to the printer – this can take on average, three days. Delivery or Promotion of marketing materials begins. Ideally, the messaging for an event is 2-3 months. Camp promotion should start at least 6 months prior to camp.