Speakers for 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day. Speakers are listed Keynote first, then alphabetically.

Keynote Speaker Scott Koeppl

“The Importance of Following Procedures”

Scott will talk about a maintenance ground reposition accident and how cutting corners led to a brake failure. His talk will look into how operational and self-imposed pressures, rushing, and complacency can contribute to a an undesirable situation. Scott is a talented speaker who enjoys sharing his stories, will captivate you with his humor, and leave you with a renewed attitude toward following procedures. Come enjoy an evening with our Keynote Speaker Scott Koeppl!

photo 2017 Aero Safety Day speaker Scott Koeppl with Heidi Koepplphoto 2017 Aero Safety Day speaker Scott Koeppl in aircraft

Scott Koeppl, Southwest Airlines

First Officer
Aircraft currently flying: Boeing 737
Aircraft previously flown: de Havilland of Canada DHC-8 Dash 8, Saab 340, and many other aircraft
Flight time: 15,000+ hours
Former Chief Pilot of Mesaba Airlines, Detroit, MI
Short Bio: Scott was the Chief Pilot of Mesaba Airlines for 6 years, a large and well-respected company, and the oldest regional air carrier at the time. Mesaba Airlines operated with no fatalities throughout their 70 year history, a distinct and honorable achievement in this industry. 2017 is his 25th year of airline flying,15 years at Mesaba, and recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Southwest Airlines. He currently resides in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio with his wife and family.

Shannon Barnhart

"Safety Considerations in Airport Geometry"

Shannon will be discussing Airport Planning projects and how planning goes into each project at the airport. Specifically, how it relates to the upcoming North Airfield Improvements project. This project was generated due to FAA Safety Concerns with “Hotspots” at 3 different locations at CLE. The airport has been working diligently with the FAA to come up with a plan and will begin implementing the changes in the fall of this year. Learn about the critical role that airport planners play in air safety and what goes into their decision making!

photo aerial view of Cleveland Hopkins Airport

photo 2017 Aeronuatics Safety Day speaker Shannon Barnhart

Shannon Barnhart, Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Planning Manager
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Planning & Engineering
Airports: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), and Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL)
Bio: An alum of the Aviation Studies program at BGSU, she has 14 years of experience in the Aviation Industry. Shannon holds an Associate in Applied Science degree in Travel & Tourism, from Monroe Community College (MCC) – Rochester, NY; a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology (Major- Aviation Management & Operations) from BGSU; and a Master of Science degree in Aviation Safety from the University of Central Missouri (UCMO).
Throughout her time at BGSU she was the Assistant Manager at the Wood County Airport for 2 years. After she graduated she accepted a job position as an Aviation Planner at Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly, Inc. (CMT), consulting engineers, in Springfield, IL. Throughout her 7 years at CMT, she consulted with various airports around the Midwest and worked on numerous airport planning projects. In addition, she adds approximately 5 years of experience at the City of Cleveland Department of Port Control (DPC). DPC owns and operates the Cleveland Airport System (CAS), which includes Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL), and the North Coast Harbors of Cleveland.
Shannon is currently the Planning Manager for DPC where her duties include coordinating, implementing & overseeing all planning functions for the department.
She loves staying active (volleyball & softball), being outdoors, traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and trying all different craft beers. She has 20 hours of flight time, soloed in college, and would like to continue her pursuit of her private pilot’s license, in the future.

Andy Behary

"Air Traffic Controller, Overview of Operations"

Andy’s talk will cover the history of Air Traffic Control, types of facilities, how the airspace is split up, an overview of Cleveland Center, and how the National Airspace System works. He will focus on the importance of clear and concise communication between pilots & controllers, highlighting how pilots with lesser experience may not always tell a controller what they want or need. Additionally, he’ll talk about September 11th, 2001 and what they did to get aircraft safely on the ground during that busy day. Cleveland Center is the busiest Air Traffic Control Center in the world! Come learn how to speak up and improve communications as either a pilot or controller to help the National Airspace System work safer and smoother!

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Andy Behary, Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center

photo 2017 Aeronuatics Safety Day speaker Andy BeharyAndy Behary

Supervisory Traffic Management Coordinator
Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center (CLE ARTCC)
Oberlin, Ohio
Short Bio:Andy comes with 27 years of experience, starting as a controller with Akron-Canton (CAK) for his first year, with the remaining 26 years at CLE ARTCC. At Cleveland, he has served 15 years as an Air Traffic Controller, 8 years as Supervisor, 2 years as Operations Manager, and in his current position of Supervisory Traffic Management Coordinator for 5 years, with some roles being served concurrently. Andy grew up in Pittsburgh, attended Kent State University, and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Technology, majoring in Airway Science Management. He is also a KSU Vision 21 Award Recipient and has given back much of his time as a speaker for various classes at KSU.

Mike Bowser

"Doing the right thing when nobody is looking: Human Errors from a Pilot/Mechanic/ATC"

A casual conversation about Human Factors, Error Chain/Accident Chain, and flight safety, as it relates to his personal experiences. There will be plenty of time for Questions & Answers about flying in the Guard, Airframe & Powerplant topics, and Air Traffic Control (ATC).

photo 2017 Aero Safety Day speaker Mike Bowserphoto 2017 Aero Safety Day speaker Mike Bowser aircraft

Mike Bowser, Former US Air Force, Air National Guard 179th Airlift Wing in Mansfield, Ohio and the 107th Airlift Wing in Niagara Falls

Graduate of Kent State University 2001, Master of Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle, 2010
Short Bio: Retired US Air Force C-130 Flight Engineer and Pilot with over 3,000 flight hours, including several hundred combat hours during deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations. Certified USAF CRM instructor and safety representative/accident investigator. Supervised the transition from a C-130 airlift squadron to a MQ-9 UAV attack squadron prior to retirement. Retired Air Traffic Controller at Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center. Currently volunteering for a non-profit aviation organization.

Maj Kyle Bush

"Crew Resource Management (CRM) Flying Marine One"

Kyle’s speech will discuss the valuable role CRM plays in operations where mission completion is critical and safety is a must. His talk with include experiences he’s had flying numerous helicopter types in multiple countries, both on land and at sea. Kyle is an energetic speaker and he’ll certainly keep your attention. Come hear how working together in a crew environment is vital to a successful operation!

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Kyle Bush aircraft VH-3photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Kyle Bush aircraft VH-60

Maj Kyle Bush, United States Marine Corps

Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1)
Aircraft Currently Flying: Sikorsky VH-3 Sea King and VH-60 Blackhawk (Marine One)
Aircraft Previously Flown: Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger, Sikorsky CH-53E Sea Stallion, Boeing CH-46E Sea Knight, Beechcraft T-34 Mentor, Cessna 172/152
Bio: Kyle Bush has served 17 years of active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps. He is currently flying the forest green and white Sikorsky VH-3 Sea King and VH-60 Blackhawk, which carries the President of the United States under the call sign Marine One. He has had the honor of flying Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Mike Pence, as well as various Generals and other VIPs of the United States. Kyle has traveled to six continents and 42 countries during his service to our country, with 3300+ hours to his credit. Kyle previously worked as a helicopter instructor pilot out of Pensacola, FL, training both domestic and foreign military personnel. Kyle grew up in Euclid, Ohio, on the east side of Cleveland, where his family still lives. He attended Kent State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2000. Kyle currently resides in the D.C area with his wife and children. He considers it an honor just to serve the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Stuart Cory

"Single Pilot Resource Management: What Can Be Used from the Airlines"

As a Designated Pilot Examiner, Stuart will share his experiences from giving checkrides. Everything from common mistakes, to best practices when preparing for a checkride will be covered. When you are solo, you are it! Learn what resources you have available and how to use them effectively through Single Pilot Resource Management.

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Stuart Cory

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Stuart Cory aircraftStuart Cory, Federal Aviation Administration and United Airlines

Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), FAA, and Captain, United Airlines, CLE based
Owner PilotCheckride.com
Masters of Science in Aeronautical Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida
Flight Training: Professional Flight Training (PFT, Inc.) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Aircraft currently flying: B737
Aircraft previously flown: B737, B757, B767, B777
Years of Experience: CFI since 1993, accumulated thousands of hours of dual given in general aviation, DPE for over 15 years, currently with United Airlines for 17 years. Has flown all over the world.
Short Bio: Born and raised, and learned to fly in Quincy, IL KUIN, Stuart also holds a B.A. English from the University of Iowa. He has worked for Trans States Airlines, Inc. operating as TWA Express, First Officer and Captain/Check Airman on the Jetstream 32 and the Jetstream 41, and hs been at Continental Airlines. He lives in northeastern Ohio with his wife and three daughters who travel for vacation when able. He enjoys " fishing, cooking, and watching my Iowa Hawkeyes any chance I can." He is a member of AOPA, EAA, ALPA, and NAFI.

Brian Crawford

"Flying to Europe: Crossing the Atlantic Safely and Reliably"

From Lindbergh to Now, an Overview of Transatlantic Flight. Brian will facilitate a discussion based on a PowerPoint presentation featuring an overview of transatlantic flight operations. The discussion will center on the evolution of the technology and operations procedures that make up the ultra-safe and highly reliable system in place today, as seen from the pilot perspective. Topics include: flight planning, extended-range twin engine operations (ETOPS), the North Atlantic track system (NATS), minimum navigation performance separation (MNPS) airspace, future air navigation system (FANS) requirements, controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC), automated defendant surveillance (ADS), high frequency (HF) radio communication, position reporting, Class II navigation, international ops, and more. Presentation includes flight plans, charts, examples and stories, as well as some United Airlines swag.

photo 2017 Aeronuatics Safety Day speaker Brian Crawford

photo 2017 Aero Safety Day speaker Brian Crawford, aircraft Boeing 757

Brian Crawford, First Officer, United Airlines, Newark, NJ based

Graduate of Kent State University,BS in Aerospace Technology, May 1998
Vision 21 Award Recipient, 2004
Newark Liberty International Airport
Aircraft currently flying: Boeing 757/767
Aircraft previously flown: Airbus A319/320, EMB-135/145, Beechcraft BE-1900D Airliner, Rockwell Aero Commander, and others
Experience: 4700+ hours, 28 years in aviation, previously with Continental Express/ExpressJet Airlines - Check Airman & Line Captain, turboprop & turbine
Short Bio: Brian grew up in Stow, Ohio and attended the Stow-Munroe Falls High School before attending Kent State University. He trained here at Kent State University Airport, graduated from the University in 1998 and has been an airline pilot for almost 20 years now. Brian has flown domestically and internationally for work and has traveled around the world in his time off. As a pilot for United Airlines on the Boeing 757, Brian has flow the North Atlantic Track numerous times to Europe, as well as various other international destinations.

John Dye

"Stall/Spin Awareness & Recovery"

Learn from a master flight instructor about the scenarios that lead to stalls and spins. Learn how to avoid these situations and to properly recover if you find yourself in an inadvertent stall or spin. The goal is "to make you the safest and most proficient pilot you can be."

"Upset Recovery Training"

Finding yourself in an unusual attitude due to wake turbulence, adverse weather, or spatial disorientation, learn how to properly exit these conditions safely. This is great information overall and is a must for professional aviators! View a video here.

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker John Dye aircraft United Airlinesphoto 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker John Dye aircraft

John Dye, Captain United Airlines, Owner Bad Attitude Aviator Training Company

Master Aerobatic Instructor (X4)
CFIAI, MEI, ATP, Flight Engineer-Turbojet
Designated Pilot Examiner: CLE-025
Upset Training provider-Eclipse Jet
Upset Training provider-Kent State University
Kent State University Graduate, 1979, B.S. Aerospace Technology
Distinguished Alumni Award-Vision 21- Kent State University 2004
Type rated: B727, B737, B757, B767, A319, A320, BA-3100
Aircraft owner: Pitts S1-T, 8KCAB Super Decathlon
Experience: 38 years teaching experience, 26,000+ hours in over 50 different aircraft
FAA Upset Recovery seminar presenter Oshkosh EAA Air Venture 2013-2016

Kevin Fetsko

"Health & Safety For International Travel"

Kevin’s presentation will focus on recent threats to travel security such as London, St. Petersburg, and the escalation of violence in Mexico.  He will also discuss personal and hotel safety, while exploring some of the commercially available security providers.  Time will be allotted at the end for questions and answers with an open discussion on corporate operations.

Kevin Fetsko, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Companyphoto 2017 Aero Safety Day Kevin Fetsko aircraft Goodyear Gulfstream G-450

Kevin Fetsko, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Chief Pilot, Global Flight Operations, KCAK based
Graduate of Kent State University December 1997
Aircraft currently flying: Gulfstream G450 and G150
Aircraft previously flown: Challenger 601, Embraer 145/135, Learjet 60, Beech 1900D, SAAB 340A
Years of Experience: 23 years in aviation, 15 years with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Short Bio: Kevin Fetsko is the Chief Pilot for Global Flight Operations at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He oversees a fleet of 3 aircraft consisting of a Gulfstream G450 and 2 G150s operated in support of the company’s international and domestic business objectives. His primary duties include training, standardization, international operations, and compliance with IS-BAO standards. Kevin’s path to a career in business aviation began via an internship with Goodyear and has included flying positions in the charter and airline industries. He enjoys the dynamic nature of corporate aviation including the variety of destinations and the direct interaction with members of both the business and aviation communities.

Maj. Mindy Graham

“How to Survive a High Risk Environment”

Mindy will share her flying experiences in the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, giving practical examples of what it takes to stay alive. From domestic training sorties, to overseas combat missions, the hazards are numerous! Find out how the military uses the C-130s, what they do to manage the risk, and learn from her real world flying.

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Mindy Grahamphoto 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Mindy Graham aircraftMaj. Mindy Graham, 167th Airlift Wing and West Virginia Air National Guard

Aircraft Commander/Flight Lead
Lockheed C-130H Hercules
Aircraft Flown: Lockheed C-130H Hercules, Saab 340, Beechcraft T-1A Jayhawk, Raytheon T-6 Texan II
Mindy has accumulated approximately 5,000 Flight Hours over the past 19 years of flying, with combat duty experience. She formerly worked as Aviation Safety Inspector for the FAA out of the Charleston, WV Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), and as an airline pilot with Mesaba Airlines, based out of Detroit, MI. Mindy grew up in Stow, OH and graduated from Kent State University in December, 2002.

Tim Lanigan

"Challenging Approaches and Departures: Maintaining Your Margin of Safety"

Flight crews are often confronted with challenging departure procedures and approaches. A selection of these will be discussed coupled with strategies to maintain and adequate margin of safety when conducting a challenging approach or departure.

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Tim Lanigan

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Tim Lanigan aircraft

Tim Lanigan, AeroTrek Flight Academy

Chief Flight Instructor, Wadsworth, Ohio
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ, 2000
Aircraft currently flying: C172, Pa28RT-201, PA23-250, DA-40, DJI Inspire 1
Aircraft previously flown: E170, Emb145, CE560 Excel/XLS, C414, C421
Experience: 19 years, >6,000 flight hours
Previous Employers: Flight Safety International, Shuttle America Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, Bode Aviation
Short Bio: Tim’s diverse flight experience includes flying part 135 passenger operations in the southwestern United States and as an Airline Captain on the Embraer 170/175. Tim’s passion is flight instruction, which led him to work for Flight Safety in Columbus teaching CE560. Currently he is serving as the Chief Flight Instructor for AeroTrek Academy in Wadsworth.

Carol Might

"Managing communication with ATC"

Carol’s talk will focus on managing conversations with Air Traffic Control and the responsibility of the Pilot in Command. Her talk will cover various scenarios, near misses, and “what would you do?” situations. Carol explains the role of NASA forms and value of the using the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). Learn how to prevent yourself from being forced into a undesirable situation and use communication effectively. Discover how critical it is to communicate what you need to ATC in order to complete your flight safely.

Carol Might, Federal Aviation Administration

System Operations/Security
Special Operations Group
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Washington D.C. (Area)
Short Bio: Carol graduated from Kent State University in the 1980’s and has worked for the FAA for 30+ years. She was responsible for planning, communication, and implementation of the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) surrounding the Republican National Convention hosted by Cleveland in July 2016.

Brian Neff

"Lynx NGT-9000 Transponder Training"

Chief Flight Instructor Brian Neff, in coordination with Director of Maintenance Josh Eyring, will be training pilots on the use of the new Lynx Transponders currently being installed in our Cessna 150/152 fleet. These transponders have Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In/Out capability and will bring improved situational awareness to the cockpit by showing the location of nearby aircraft! Learn how to use the equipment by getting hands-on experience with the equipment demonstrator! For KSU flight students, this will qualify for the required equipment training.

photo 2017 Aeronuatics Safety Day speaker Brian Neffphoto Aero Safety Day 2017 L3 Avionics Lynx NGT-9000 Transponder (ADS-B In-Out)

Brian Neff, Kent State University

Chief Flight Instructor, CFII/MEI
Short Bio: Brian grew up in Cambridge, Ohio, where he first learned how to fly. He continued his flight training at Kent State University and graduated from the program. He flight instructed for Kent State University, sharing his skills, knowledge, and passion for flight training with our students. Brian rose through the ranks as Flight Instructor, Supervisor of Flight, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, and finally as Chief Flight Instructor. He is currently in charge of the Private Pilot and Commercial 1 flight courses. Brian's father was also an educator, of whom Brian inherited his natural talent for teaching students.

Tim Palcho

"Flight Physiology and Spatial Disorientation"

Tim Palcho, professor of Human Factors and Aviation Safety here at Kent State University will be talking about the vestibular system, how it affects a pilot’s senses during instrument flight, and the hazards associated with those sensations. On loan to us from the Cleveland Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) is the Barany Chair, or “Vertigo Chair”, which Tim will use to give participants first-hand experience with the effects of spatial disorientation in a controlled environment. We hope you enjoy learning about how your body/mind will react to various head movements, how to counteract those senses, and the humor as you and others take a spin on the Barany Chair!

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Tim Palcho

photo 2017 Aero Safety Day Barany ChairTimothy Palcho, Kent State University

Associate Professor
Chief Flight Instructor, CFI/CFIAI/MEI, Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Airman Certification Representative (ACR)
Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE)
Experience: Chief Instructor 10+ years, Flight Instructor 25+ years, flying 33 years
Flight hours: 6500+ hours
Tim has been a flight instructor for 19 years, and comes with 32 years of flight experience. He was born and raised here in Kent, Ohio, graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University, and completed his Masters degree. He has flown all KSU Aircraft, Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six, Piper J-3 Cub on floats, and many other aircraft.

Jim Sebastian

"Handling Abnormal & Emergency Situations Using Risk and Resource Management (RRM)"

Duties and priorities that pilots are tasked with when faced with any abnormal or emergency situation. Emphasis will be on the building blocks of the RRM model as well as the sequential order in which crew's must execute their duties.

Jim Sebastian, Southwest Airlines

Jim Sebastian, Southwest Airlines and Kent State University

Captain, B-737, Adjunct Professor and Check Instructor, MDW based
Graduate of Kent State University December 1994
Aircraft currently flying: B-737, all KSU aircraft
Aircraft previously flown: BE-90/200, DA-50, DA-200, BE-1900D, EMB-145 B737-200/300/500/700/800
Flight Hours: 14000+
Years of Experience: 25
Short Bio: Previously worked at KSU, BP America, Continental Express. Currently a B-737, internationally qualified Captain with Southwest Airlines. Former BE-1900D Check Airman and EMB-145 Captain at XJT. Flown into 37 different countries on 4 continents. Also teach a senior level systems class at KSU as well as a part time 141 check instructor.

Irena Wentzel

"Evolution of Safety: Threat & Error Management (TEM) Model, and Proactive Safety Measures"

Irina will discuss the evolution of safety as it pertains to the threat and error management model/proactive safety measures such as LOSA and ASAP.

photo 2017 Aeronautics Safety Day speaker Irena Wentzel

Irena Wentzel, Delta Air Lines

First Officer
Irena Wentzel is currently a First Officer for Delta Air Lines. She began working in this position in February 2016 and is based in New York on the Boeing 737. Irena enjoys a variety of routes that take her to the Caribbean, the West Coast, or Latin America. Prior to Delta Air Lines, Irena was hired as a pilot in 2006 at ExpressJet Airlines (known as United Express) flying the Embraer 145. As a First Officer, she lived in Houston for 6 years and in 2012 was upgraded to Captain where she moved back to Cleveland and also spent some time being based in Newark. While at ExpressJet she was involved with both the Safety and Recruiting Departments. Irena is also a member of multiple professional organizations to include Women In Aviation, International, Pilots for Kids, the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, and the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals. Irena grew up in Lakewood, Ohio and attended Kent State University from 2001-2006 as a double major in Flight Technology and Aviation Management. Most recently, she serves as the Co-Chair of the Kent State University Aeronautics Advisory Board and volunteers her time with Delta Air Lines Central Air Safety Committee. Irena is currently working on a Masters in Applied Aviation Safety through Florida Institute of Technology, with an expected graduation in May 2018.