Kent State University's College of Aeronautics and Engineering will host the Youth Aviation Adventure (YAA) at the KSU Airport on April 21, 2018. At this event, students and their chaperone(s), will learn about the exciting world of aviation, in a high-quality, engaging and educational program.

Students aged 12-18 will participate in 10 learning stations to receive hands-on experience on different facets of aviation. The event is open to all students in this age range, but activities at the event qualify Girl and Boy Scouts for specific badges. Bring a bagged lunch and snacks for this event.

Boy Scouts can earn the Aviation Merit Badge. Girl Scouts can also earn a badge. Non-scouts are also welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a specific ticket for Boy Scouts that leads them to receive the pre-test and blue card. Only those registered as boy scouts will receive blue cards. Each troop should choose one adult to be the unit coordinator.

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