Adam Basaran ‘03

Adam Basaran ‘03 

Degree/University:  B.S. Kent State University

Hometown: Lewis Center, Ohio

Current Location: Canton, Ohio

Employer: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Title: Assistant Chief Pilot

Previous Employers: ExpressJet Airlines/First Officer

Aircraft Currently Flying: Zeppelin NT

Aircraft Previously Flown: EMB-145

Flight Hours: 6,000

Years of Experience: 21

Biography: At age 16, Adam Basaran began flying shortly after starting his first job, which paid for lessons. After graduation from Olentangy High School, he enrolled in Flight Technology at Kent State University. While at Kent State, he received his B.S. shortly after completing an internship with Mesaba Airlines in Detroit, Michigan. In 2006, he was hired as a First Officer on the EMB-145 at ExpressJet Airlines flying throughout North America. After a rewarding career in the airlines, his professional life made a sharp turn when Goodyear offered him an Airship Pilot position. At Goodyear, he captained the now retired GZ-20 ships and the Zeppelin NT. He currently serves as Assistant Chief Pilot in Akron, Ohio, Zeppelin NT instructor and Threat and Error Management course designer.

Presentation: Threat and Error Management (TEM) / A comprehensive look at threat and error in today's complex flying environment. Topics covered will include, creating a well-managed cockpit environment, developing TEM habits and techniques for handling the unexpected.