Aeronautics, BS

The Aeronautics Program at Kent State University has a vision born of a fundamental mandate to serve as the leading academic program in aviation at the tertiary level in Ohio. As such, the Aeronautics Program strives to advance aviation by providing an outstanding education in aviation that produces a cadre of highly competent professionals to operate the National Airspace System in the 21st century and beyond.

This vision encompasses a broad-based education in aviation, the empirical sciences and liberal arts, which would render Aeronautics graduates highly functional and effective in professional aviation within the United States and on the world stage. Through partnership with professional aviation, Aeronautics graduates from Kent State University would thus remain on the leading edge of innovative advancements in aviation throughout this century and the next.

Aeronautics Program Mission Statement

As an academic unit in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, the Aeronautics Division has a mission to work in concert with business, government and industry to enhance technological literacy, education, and training in aviation that is essential to the socioeconomic well-being and workforce development needs of Ohio and the nation. Specifically, the Aeronautics Program’s mission is fourfold: (1) to prepare students to function effectively as leaders and professionals in the highly dynamic field of aviation; (2) to prepare students for professional positions in flight operations; (3) to prepare students for administrative, managerial, operational, and technical positions in aviation; and (4) to provide students with the academic background and preparation necessary for successful graduate and advanced studies in aviation and allied academic disciplines.

Top Aviation Jobs

Jobs in aviation abound and continue to grow. With five concentrations available, a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Kent State will put you in a prime position to secure a job in this industry and enjoy the benefits it brings. See the article below on job opportunities in the aviation industry.

  • Careers in aviation represent lucrative salaries, good working schedules, stimulating challenges, and job growth.
  • Jobs are available in a wide variety of geographic and interest areas.
  • Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics will make you eligible for top tier jobs.

Transcription from “Top 10 Aviation Jobs” by Sparky Barnes Sargent (PDF)