Aeronautics Professional Development Reading List and Library

In each of the three professional development courses (AERN 20000, AERN 30000 and AERN 45360), students are required to select one book from the list below and submit a 2-3 page essay after reading. Details of essay requirements can be found in respective course syllabi.

Students may not use the same book more than once. Students must submit their own response to the book chosen. Instructors will use SafeAssign to evaluate submissions given on Blackboard, so it is imperative that the work be the student’s own. Students may not choose a book for a professional development class that they have also used in another course. This is closely monitored.

New in 2018, students are welcome to borrow books from the Aeronautics Library!

  • Students will reserve the books online and pick them up in 127 ATB during normal business hours 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Students may be notified via email that the book is ready for pick up, otherwise they are welcome to stop in 127 after a reasonable time period.
  • To claim a reserved book, students must present their Student ID within 3 business days of submitting a reservation/being notified the book is ready for pick up.
  • Students will have 30 days, or until the last day of classes for the semester, whichever comes first, to return the book from the date they reserve it. The specific date due will be confirmed via email.
  • Books must be returned to 127 ATB before 5pm on the date due. If the date due is a weekend day or day the University is closed, the book will be due before 5pm on the next open business day.
  • Students who return books late or damaged will be charged a fee. Normal wear is acceptable at the discretion of the University, and will not be charged.
  • If the book is not returned, the student will be charged the replacement fee.

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Approved Reading List

Descriptions provided are taken from More than two dozen Books are listed alphabetical by title.

Atlantic Fever:  Lindbergh, His Competitors and the Race for the Atlantic by Joe Jackson

For five weeks--from April 14 to May 21, 1927--the world held its breath while fourteen aviators took to the air to capture the $25,000 prize that Raymond Orteig offered to the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean without stopping. Joe Jackson's Atlantic Fever is about this race, a milestone in American history whose story has never been fully told. Delving into the lives of the big-name competitors--the polar explorer Richard Byrd, the French war hero René Fonck, the millionaire Charles Levine, and the race's eventual winner, the enigmatic Charles Lindbergh--as well as those whose names have been forgotten by history (such as Bernt Balchen, Stanton Wooster, and Clarence Chamberlin), Jackson brings a completely fresh and original perspective to the race to conquer the Atlantic. Replacement cost $10.

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