Alan Zeleznik ‘84

Alan Zeleznik ‘84

Degree/University: Computer Science/Business Administration

Hometown: Bedford, Ohio

Current Location: Strongsville, Ohio

Employer: Federal Aviation Administration

Title: Support Specialist - CLE Tower/Tracon

Previous Employers: DTW ATCT, FAA Academy Instructor, Air Traffic Control System Command Center

Years of Experience: 34 Years FAA Controller, supervisor and staff experience

Biography: the FAA hired Alan Zeleznik shortly after his 1984 KSU graduation. He has served as a guest lecturer and as a mentor during the College of Aeronautics and Engineering’s annual mock interview events.

Presentation: Wrong Surface Landings and Runway Incursions / Discussion on Wrong Surface Landings and their causal factors. Runway incursions and how controllers and pilots can mitigate occurrences, airport “Hot Spots” and how to identify them will be discussed along with tips and best practices concerning runway safety for controllers and pilots.