Applied Engineering, Applied Engineering and Technology Management, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering, Applied Engineering and Technology Management is focused on the application of basic engineering principles, technological skills and management practices using a systems approach to solve complex technological problems. It also functions as a complete degree for students with engineering technology associate degrees. The majority of the coursework in the last two years focuses on the management of applied engineering. This program is ATMAE accredited.

The program includes instruction in fundamentals of engineering such as electronics, mechanical systems, CAD, materials, computer applications, quality, safety, sustainability and general management principles.

Study Outcomes

  1. Develop appropriate technology skills based on a broad knowledge of current technology to succeed in the changing knowledge economy
  2. Develop comprehensive knowledge and skills in the areas of manufacturing systems, electricity and electronics, computer aided design and programming in applied engineering, mechanical systems, management, and general technology
  3. Acquire a broad education in Technology and Applied Engineering that will enable successful employment in emerging jobs and careers

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