Bryan Kobos 

Degree/University: Elon University, Corporate Communications

Hometown: North Lauderdale, Florida

Current Location: Minneapolis Minnesota

Employer: Endeavor Air

Title: Manager of Security, Compliance and Emergency Response

Previous Employers/Roles: Manager of Inflight Training - Manager of Inflight - Dangerous Goods Manager

Years of Experience: 15

Biography: Kobos joined Chautauqua Airlines in 2004 as a flight attendant. From there, he moved into various roles within the Inflight Department including, Manager of Inflight, Manager and Manager of Inflight Training. He was a key team member in getting the EMB 170 aircraft approved by the FAA during tabletops and proving runs. In 2009, Kobos moved to Endeavor Air, as the Manager of Inflight Training. Two years later, he joined the Safety Department. Some of his accomplishments at Endeavor Air include, bringing Human Trafficking training to all Crew Members, developing a security mitigation course for all new hire flight attendants. Creating a corporate and maintenance badge that allows employees to clock in/out, and being the first regional airline to have a real-time safety application known as EDVSafe, developed by Everbridge Co. Kobos currently leads the Delta Connection Security Alliance team and participates in the Delta Connection Emergency Response committee meetings quarterly. In his current role, he oversees all security and emergency response operations for Endeavor Air.
Presentation: Emergency Management - How an Airline Prepares for the Unexpected/ What goes into preparing for an accident as a 121 carrier? Get an inside perspective on how Delta Air Lines, wholly-owned regional Endeavor Air ensures they are prepared and ready for an accident or unexpected incident.