CAE courses that offer Certifications

ENGR 33333     INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS      3 Credit Hours

Classification, characteristics, and functions of industrial robots. Covers basic safety precautions for working with robots. Laboratory time will be spent programming FANUC industrial robots and utilizing FANUC robot teach pendants. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a FANUC Robotics Handling Tool Operation industry credential upon successful completion of course.


ENGR 33033     HYDRAULICS/PNEUMATICS      3 Credit Hours

Fluid properties, hydraulic design, viscosity, hydraulic components, pumps, systems and circuits, maintenance and safety, pneumatics, air systems control and design.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain the Parker Hannifin hydraulics certification upon successful completion of course.



An overview of unmanned aircraft systems. Course topics include the history, development, and evolution of unmanned aircraft; current and forecast trends and issues; capabilities and performance of unmanned aircraft; UAS applications; regulations governing unmanned aircraft systems; unmanned aircraft flight operations; and opportunities and career paths in unmanned aircraft systems. Successful students have the opportunity to obtain their FAA Part 107 Certificate.


AERN 45020     AIRCRAFT DISPATCH II      3 Credit Hours

Second of two courses designated for the practical application of previously acquired knowledge necessary to perform aircraft dispatcher functions. Topics as applied to dispatch functions include briefing techniques, weather analysis and flight planning, aircraft systems, resource management, decision making, and cargo carrying. Completion required to earn a Graduation Certificate required by FAR Part 65 to qualify for a practical exam. An instructor endorsement to take the FAA aircraft dispatcher practical test is also required and is issued separately and solely at the discretion of the course instructor. Special course fees may apply. Please visit for more information. The student must be aged 21 or turn 21 during the semester taken. Successful students receive their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate.