On Campus Resources

Academic Success Center

207 Schwartz Center, 330-672-3190 http://www.kent.edu/asc
Academic support in math, writing skills; study groups for large lecture LERs; peer mentoring for study skills, test taking, time management.


MACC Annex http://www.kent.edu/athletics
Information on collegiate and intercollegiate athletics.

Center for Adult and Veteran Services

181 Schwartz Center, 330-672-7933 http://www.kent.edu/cavs
Services specifically for adult student, veterans and students with children.

Career Exploration and Development

261 Schwartz Center, 330-672-2360 http://www.kent.edu/career
Career and Major Exploration; On-Campus and Off-Campus Jobs; Academic Testing Services (CLEP).

Center for Student Involvement

226 Kent Student Center, 330-672-2480 http://dept.kent.edu/csi
Information about Campus Organizations; Commuter and Off-campus Student Organization (COSO).

Counseling & Human Development Center

325 White Hall, 330-672-2208 www.kent.edu/ehhs/centers/chdc
Career and Personal Counseling.

Destination Kent State

Olson Hall, 330-672-9292 http://www.kent.edu/destination
Advising and Registration, an orientation program that will allow you to meet one-on-one with your college advisor to plan your fall schedule, take placement assessments, and gather information from various campus offices.

Office of Global Education

Van Campen Hall, 330-672-7980 http://www.kent.edu/globaleducation
Information about studying abroad.

One Stop for Student Services

First Floor, University Library (Kent Campus) ,330-672-6000 http://www.kent.edu/onestop
This is the office where tuition billing, payments, and refunds are handled, as well as services to students regarding registration and official transcripts and information about financial aid and university scholarships.

Parking Services

Schwartz Center, 330-672-7980 http://www.kent.edu/parking
Information about parking permits.

Police Services

Stockdale Building, 330-672-3070 http://www.kent.edu/publicsafety/police-services
Kent State University Police Services serves the university community by providing safety and enforcing certain rules and regulations of the university.

Recreational Services

Student Recreation & Wellness Center, 330.672.4REC http://www.kent.edu/recservices
Information about intramurals, sports clubs, fitness, and sports activities.

Residence Services

Korb Hall, 330-672-7000 http://www.kent.edu/housing

Student Accessibility Services

DeWeese Health Center, 330-672-3391 http://www.kent.edu/sas
Services for students with various types of disabilities.

Student Multicultural Center

206 Kent Student Center, 330-672-3560 http://www.kent.edu/smc
Serves as an advocate in assuring the successful enrollment, retention and graduation of under-represented students.

Student Success Programs

Olson Hall, 330.672.9292 http://www.kent.edu/success
Helps students make the most out of their first year at Kent State.

Transfer Center

Schwartz Center 330-672-8950 http://www.kent.edu/transfercenter
Assists with the application, advising, registration and orientation process.

University Counseling and Psychological Services

DeWeese Health Center, 330-672-2487 http://www.kent.edu/caps
Personal and group counseling.

University Health Services

DeWeese Health Center, 330-672-2322 http://www.kent.edu/uhs
University Health Services provides non-emergent outpatient care to all eligible students and staff including examination and treatment for illness and minor injuries, women's health care, psychological services, laboratory, x-ray, physical therapy, pharmacy services and health education.

Women’s Center

Carriage House, 330-672-8950 http://www.kent.edu/womenscenter
Facilitates the advancement of and enhances the quality of educational experience and professional life for women students, faculty and staff of all campuses.

Writing Commons

318 Satterfield Hall, 330-672-1787 http://www.kent.edu/writingcommons
Help with writing papers.