Cisco Networking Academy Information

Since the Cisco Networking Academy program began in 1997, nearly 8 million students have enrolled in Networking Academy courses. This public-private partnership is Cisco’s largest corporate social responsibility program. Kent State University is part of the Cisco Networking Academy. Students enrolled in the Computer Engineering Technology program will take courses that prepare them to obtain Cisco industry credentials such as the CCENT, CCNA and CCNA Security certifications.

Get your VIP pass to success!

  • If you think digital networks are important now, soon there will be over 50 billion connections between people, places and things.
  • Get a VIP pass to your future by enrolling in Networking Academy classes offered at Kent State University. 
  • Networking knowledge will enhance your career in any field, because every organization relies on connectivity for success. 
  • With the right skills, you can embark on a well-paid career in ICT (information and communications technology). 
  • You can choose to join a high tech firm, or bring these skills to a different field that you love, or even start your own company. 
  • Right now there are over 1 million students currently taking Cisco classes at high schools, colleges, universities, and other educational centers.

Leverage the skills gap

Digital information grew by 5000% in the last decade, but the number of IT professionals increased by only 1.5%. This means big opportunities for you:

  • Global companies run their entire operations on networks, cybersecurity is vital
  • Smart grids are greening the power industry
  • News, entertainment and gaming continue to expand bandwidth requirements
  • Nonprofits deliver access and technology to solve problems for underserved populations 
  • Video presence systems and collaboration tools reduce travel costs
  • Cloud computing empowers mobility, software as a service, data centers, virtualization, and much more

Want to stand out? Get certified. 

Courses can lead to globally-recognized Cisco certifications, a powerful way to differentiate yourself on college applications and in the job market.

What you can expect

  • Learn by Doing: Games, simulations, hands-on labs, and competitions. You won’t get bored.
  • Extend Your Reach: No matter what your interests are, these classes will add to your skill set. You don’t have to be a hardcore techie
  • Join a Community: Connect online with like-minded Networking Academy students and instructors around the world
  • Make a Difference: Here’s your chance to build expertise needed to solve global social problems
  • Equalize Your Opportunity: Women are finding a rapid path to leadership in technology fields

Additional information can be found on the Cisco website