Core Courses

Four core courses are required of all students in the Master Of Engineering Technology program.

Four Core Courses

ENGR 57010 Ethics, Technology and the Environment - 3 Credits

Explores the fundamental issues of the interconnection between human beings and the environment, with an emphasis on the ethics and the importance of sustainability. Takes an in-depth look at basic environmental concepts, ethics and values, as they relate to wide range of practical subject matters, including technology, from global and national perspectives. Provides an in-depth look at sustainable systems and the ethical issues associated with sustainability as it relates to technology by focusing on common and future impacts as they apply to ethics, values and justice.

ENGR 60000 Project Management in a Technological Environment - 3 Credits

The planning, organizing, directing and controlling of company technology resources for relatively short-term objectives. Students will also learn to make application of current projects

ENGR 60001 Quantitative Methods in Technology - 3 Credits

Descriptive and inferential statistics used in technology and engineering. Emphasis is on the methods of analysis and the interpretation of data associated with research and development in technological and engineering environments. Course topics include representation of data, descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, inferential statistics, statistical design, and the analysis of experiments. No previous familiarity with probability or statistics is assumed. The ability to utilize basic algebra is required.

ENGR 60078 Research Methods in Technology - 3 Credits

Research techniques for the technologist. Methods for design­ing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting results of techno­logical research.