CV of George E. Armann

2015 – Present KENT STATE UNIVERSITY, Kent, OH

Lecturer, College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE)
Head Coach and Student Faculty Advisor, Kent State University Precision Flight Team
NGPA Advisor, LIFTED Advisor, and Ambassador for OAI for UAV training.

  • Professor, Elements of Flight
    • First steps for pilot training
  • Professor, Commercial Flight Theory
    • Implemented a cross country assignment that allows for real world application to the industry
  • Professor, Weather Theory (all concentrations)
    • Required for students in all aeronautical disciplines
  • Professor, Propulsions Systems
    • Designed lab time with turbine simulator and allowed course to be honors with a research paper for everyone on design limitations on propulsion systems engineering
  • Professor, Systems I & II (Summer I & II)
    • Restructured the course due to smaller weeks in the summer
  • Professor, Radar & Satellite
    • Implemented case studies for the students to tie into a big project to get them involved in the book material better.
  • Professor, Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Part 107 Certificate)
    • Redesigned the course from a Socratic Method to one that utilizes FAA power points and reimaging to better fit today’s students.
    • Also added Practical Test Standards to a UAV course for students to demonstrate skills at a level for any Remote Pilot in Command
  • Professor, Dispatch Training (Part-Time)
    • Added Dr. Mangrum in teaching the course and helping with flight plans and CRJ Systems knowledge for students
  • EWINS (Enhanced Weather Information Systems)
    • Built the entire program for dispatch class so they can make better weather decisions and legally get aircraft closer and safer around severe weather.
  • Safety Conference (Lead Representative)
    • Integrated and designed with a team the last two Safety Conferences at KSU
    • Vision to help bring Ohio Schools together to see experts in the field of aeronautics and learn so history does not repeat itself.
    • With this event the Flight Team was recognized Nationally from American Airlines as the Safest School in the country.
  • ATP Dispatch Certificate
    • Received ATP Dispatch certification as an airline dispatcher for the FAA.
  • NIFA (National Intercollegiate Flying Association)
    • Currently set to be a National Council member to make decisions for the students nationally who compete to be the best flight schools in the country
    • Have won second place the last two years with the Grover Loening Trophy for KSU for the Best flight school in the country.
    • Won American Airlines Safety Award (Safest School in the Country)
    • Won Most Improved Flight Team (In the Country) Award as head coach/advisor.
    • Currently setting up a Regional Conference for us (Kent State University) to host in fall of 2020
  • OAI (Ohio Airspace Institute)
    • Represented KSU twice as ambassador for the UAV/UAS program
  • NGPA (National Gay Pilots Association)
    • Started Kent State University’s First Chapter for students as Advisor
  • LIFTED (Living in Faith Throughout Each Day)
    • Started Aeronautics first student lead Bible study student organization
  • Responsible for curriculum development, implementation, and class management for more than ten different classes
  • Lead Faculty for Aeronautical Studies
    • Coordinate with faculty to ensure AABI and ABET criteria are being met
  • NTT Representative to the CAC committee
  • NTT Representative for CCC Committee
  • NTT Representative for UAV Flight Committee
  • Head of Student Belonging Committee
  • Facilitated the integration between KSU Precision Flight Team and Alpha Eta Rho
    • This helped to keep Alpha Eta Rho going because of lack of members
  • Helped faculty to see a need for training for students with mental health issues.
  • Started research with UAV selected students on design and building sUAS.
  • Started the Michael Montgomery Foundation
    • This gives two flight team members who by earning it a $1,500 scholarship
  • Haven of Rest (Akron Christian Homeless Shelter)
  • Got the Team to donate time to this great cause by getting them to make the beds and help organize their clothes.

2006 – 2015 OHIO UNIVERSITY, Athens/Albany, OH

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor/Flight Check Airman/Assistant Chief of Operations Chief Pilot, Transportation Services
Head Coach, Ohio University Flying Bobcats

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor/Flight Check Airman/Assistant Chief of Operations

  • Supervised all certified flight instructors in daily operations
  •  Monitored academic progress for 93 students and 12 student flight instructors
  •  Revised and updated Training Course Outlines (TCOs) and Training Course Curriculum
  • (TCC) documents for all aviation flight courses
  •  Implemented new business initiatives, including Transportation Program
  •  Tracked and improved stage check pass rates
  •  Maintained aircraft safety through logbook verification checks to ensure all
  • maintenance needs were updated and current
  •  Proctored Laser Grade exams
  •  Updated all aircraft checklists
  •  Provided flight instruction to private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine students
  •  AVN 100 Introduction to Aviation, Winter Quarter 2011
  •  AVN 310 Advanced Aeronautics, Fall Quarter 2011 – Winter Quarter 2012
  •  AVN 3500 Commercial Pilot Ground Theory, Fall Semester 2012 – 2015

Chief Pilot of Transportation Services Russ College Air Transport Service

  •  Coordinated with prospective travelers to ensure flight operations run smoothly
  •  Served as chief pilot in a Baron 55


Bachelor of Science in Aviation (2006)
Ohio University, Russ College of Engineering and Technology

Master of Technology (Two remaining classes)
Kent State University, College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Master of Education (partial completion)
Ohio University, Patton College of Education

14 CFR Part 141 Private/Instrument/Commercial Assistant Chief Instructor
Ohio University, June 2011 – 2015

Certified 141 Check Airman (All Flight Courses)
Ohio University, November 2007 – 2015

Certified Flight Instructor
June 2006 – Present


AERN 15740 – Elements of Flight Theory
AERN 15745 –Non-Pilot Elements of Flight Theory
AERN 25250 – Elements of Aviation Weather Theory
AERN 35020 – Aircraft Propulsion Systems
AERN 35040 – Aircraft Systems I
AERN 35650 – Non-Pilot Instrument Flight Theory
AERN 35746 – Commercial Pilot Theory
AERN 45030 – Aircraft Systems II
AERN 25800 – Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
AERN 35021 – Radar and Satellite Systems
AVN 1000 (100) – Introduction to Aviation
AVN 310 – Advanced Aeronautics
AVN 3500 – Commercial Pilot Ground Theory


AERN 15740 – Elements of Flight Theory

AERN 25250 – Elements of Aviation Weather
Restructured/Added Forecasting

AERN 35040 – Aircraft Systems I
Restructured class project

AERN 35020 – Aircraft Propulsion Systems
Restructured/Updated written assignment

AERN 35746 – Commercial Pilot Theory
Restructured entire course and design

AERN 45030 – Aircraft Systems II
Restructured class project

AERN 25800 – Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Setup entire class and power points and made new tests
  • Due to COVID-19 structured new flight project with sUAS at home

AERN 35021 – Radar and Satellite Systems
Restructured and made a new project with the students with case studies

EWINS (Enhanced Weather Information Systems) Built and researched this entire project to add a major component to Dispatch classes.

BS Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight – Designed the course layout and the roadmap for the new program also looking at BDS and other Universities designs to allow for best practices for KSU