Cyber Security Hub


Kent State University Cybersecurity hub aspires to be a knowledge sharing and training center in North East Ohio. Cybersecurity hub at the college of aeronautics and engineering will bring together expertise from a wide range of disciplines including Aeronautics, Mechatronics, Management information systems, computer science and Engineering.

The cybersecurity hub focusses on primarily educating the community of Kent in cybersecurity, but also has a mission of contributing to cybersecurity through active research. The center currently supports two undergraduate programs in the college of aeronautics and engineering. Students graduating from these two programs can become the workforce in cybersecurity.


BS in Computer Engineering Technology

“The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology provides students with the opportunity to study computer systems and software-hardware interface so that they are capable of analyzing the problems in the computer and networking industry and producing computer engineering, networking and software solutions. The major's curriculum includes materials necessary for students to be eligible for industry certifications (e.g., Cisco, Dell, Juniper Networks) for career advancement. This program is ATMAE accredited”.

BS in Cybersecurity Engineering

Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity Engineering prepares individuals who want to become professional engineers in the broad field of cybersecurity. One objective of the program will be to provide students with a working knowledge of “analysis and evaluation of components and systems with respect to security and to maintaining operations in the presence of risks and threats” with an emphasis on engineered systems [ABET]. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to address security issues pertaining to stakeholder needs and requirements (from a system engineering perspective) considering the lifecycle of the system from the outset. Design and development of systems, their components and associated networks to increase trustworthiness is a driving concern.

Industry & Connections

Cisco Network Academy

Kent State University College of Aeronautics and Engineering have partnered up with Cisco Technologies to establish Cisco Network Academy.