The Dip Coating project is led by Research Team Member Dhruba Panthi.

photo Dhruba Panthi headshotDip coating is a well-known low-cost wet chemical technique for the fabrication of thin layers including those in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs). It offers several advantages such as simple control procedures, good reproducibility, and flexibility in terms of the size, shape and thickness of the cell components. In our lab, we are using dip coating for the fabrication of dense electrolyte films and porous electrode layers. We have also successfully applied the dip coating method to fabricate a whole cell structure of tubular SOFCs including the thick electrode support. This has shown that dip coating could be an alternative to the traditional extrusion technique for the fabrication of tubular supports with the unique capability of producing one-end-closed tubes.

photo dip coating with sample