Ethan Quastler

Ethan Quastler

Degree/University: Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight - Ohio University

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Current Location: Dallas, Texas

Employer: Southwest Airlines

Title: Flight Ops Navigation Analyst

Previous Employers: Certified Flight Instructor at Ohio University Dept. of Aviation, Certified Flight Instructor at Monarch Air, NOC Compliance Intern at Southwest Airlines

Aircraft Currently Flying:  Cessna-172 and Piper Warrior

Aircraft Previously Flown: Cessna-172, Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow, Beechcraft Baron and Cessna-152.

Flight Hours: 430

Years of Experience: 2 years of Flight-Instructing, 3 years in current role as Navigation Analyst

Biography: Since the age of 13, when he received his first flight lesson, Ethan Quastler has been interested in an aviation career. He graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight, and a Minor in Aviation Management. After gaining experience with flight instructing and a previous internship, he applied for a role at Southwest Airlines as a Navigation Analyst within the Flight Operations department. Quastler enjoys using his aeronautical knowledge in a setting where his team supports the Southwest Pilot population with whole-scale operational impacts. He is excited to share specific duties and responsibilities to that effect, and is happy to answer questions along the way.

Presentation: Southwest Airlines Flight Operations Navigation Team and Air Traffic Control  Team Responsibilities / Our team supports the entire Southwest Airlines Pilot population by providing real-time safety information specific to every location we serve, as well as managing the entirety of our aeronautical charting content, and responsible for the Navigation Database cycles.