Flight Safety

"I can easily say Flight Safety has been the greatest opportunity in career advancement I have had thus far. Since working with FSI, I have had the pleasure of learning valuable crew concept skills as well as becoming very practiced in the Hawker 800xp. FSI challenges me each day to improve myself and strive for excellence by living the company's motto, 'the best safety device in any aircraft is a well trained crew.' In addition to working with domestic flight departments I am also cross training with a wide variety of international clients from China, Ghana, Canada etc. Flight safety offers many ways to advance both professionally and personally. I am about to enroll in a high altitude training course and I'm encouraged to use the sims as much as necessary to feel comfortable in the aircraft. All in all, I am thrilled to be working for FSI as it has opened doors I never could have imagined. I cannot recommend flight safety enough to each student at Kent. The pay is good, the work is great and the networking opportunities are priceless." J. R.