Graduate Programs FAQ

What degree will I receive when I complete this program?

All graduates of the program receive the Master of Technology degree.

Is the Master of Technology degree an engineering degree?

No, it is not a graduate-level engineering degree. The Master of Technology is considered to be a “professional” degree because it emphasizes technology-related competency skills that are accompanied by specific technical knowledge. Also, it is not a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree.

How long does it take to complete the admission process?

Because of the time it takes to obtain official transcripts from institutions of higher education, submit a resume and goal statement, secure three letters of recommendation, and receive a vote of the graduate faculty, it is strongly suggested that you begin the application process at least three months prior to the first semester in which you intend to take classes. All required admission materials should be received by the university no later than 30 days before the first day of classes of the first semester in which you intend to take classes.

Can a student apply with less than a 3.00 total/composite undergraduate GPA?

Students may still apply for admission to the Master of Technology program with a total/composite undergraduate GPA less than 3.00 if they have special circumstances. Special circumstances which will be weighed by the College’s Graduate Admission Committee include outstanding GRE scores, prior experience in a science, engineering or technology-based career, significant experience related to the intended area of study, length of time since completing undergraduate coursework, completed graduate-level coursework, etc. These applicants should submit any additional information that may assist the admissions committee in assessing their academic, technical, or professional background and abilities. The additional information may include a résumé or professional portfolio summarizing any relevant technical competencies, professional experience, and any academic and professional achievements in areas related to their intended studies.

How long will it take to complete the degree?

Students must complete 33 graduate credits, which normally equates to 11 courses. Full-time students may complete the program in one to one and one-half years, depending upon course availability and individual interests. Part-time student typically complete the program in two - five years, depending upon how many courses they take each semester, and whether they attend during the summer. The program must be completed within six years of the admission date.

How much of the program will be available via distance learning?

The four core courses required of all students in the program are available via the Internet. Many other courses are also offered via the Internet and more courses are currently under development for web delivery. You may be able to complete a significant portion of the degree coursework via the Internet, but it is unlikely that you would be able to complete all the requirements for the degree through web-delivered classes.

What is the Program of Study form?

The Program of Study form is an agreement between the student and the College that outlines the course requirements for the Master of Technology program. Each Program of Study is unique to the individual student and is developed according to the student’s interests and degree objectives. This form should be completed with the student’s faculty advisor as soon as possible after admission and no later than 30 days after starting classes. The faculty advisor will keep the original and provide copies to the student and the College’s Graduate Office. The form must be updated whenever program changes occur. Making sure this form is up to date is important because it indicates what each student’s requirements are for the degree program.

What is an “area of specialization?”

Each area of specialization is an informal option with a focus in a particular technical area. There are a group of recommended courses associated with each area of specialization option, and each student must indicate the area of specialization they intend to pursue on the Program of Study form. Because the areas of specialization are informal, there is no indication of a particular specialization or concentration indicated on a graduate’s diploma or transcript.

What is the “Applied Technology” area of specialization?

The Applied Technology option is a highly flexible program that allows students to take courses across a wide range of technology related courses, curricular areas, and technical specialties. The option is a “general technology” program that provides the ultimate flexibility to a student to design a course of studies that addresses their particular personal interests and needs.

What are “core” courses?

The core courses are a group of courses that are required for all Master of Technology students. The courses provide fundamental and essential knowledge that is useful across all of the area of specialization options.

What is the cost of graduate tuition?

The graduate tuition rate is the same regardless of which of Kent State University’s eight campuses offers the graduate courses. For the most current information regarding tuition costs, visit the One Stop website.

Can graduate workshop credits be applied to the degree requirements?

Credit workshops award a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade and their application toward graduate degrees is limited. The College will allow up to four credit hours in graduate workshops to be applied toward the master’s degree. The use of additional workshop credit hours must be formally approved by the graduate faculty advisor and College's Graduate Coordinator. Do not assume workshop credits can be used without getting prior approval.

How can additional information be obtained?

To obtain additional information about the Master of Technology program, send an e-mail to or call 330-672-0792.