Who Should Attend

Intended audience 

Our target audience are researchers who work on areas related to MRS, swarm robotics, human-robot interaction, human factors, and human supervised MRS/Swarm. Due to the increasing interest in MRS and swarm robotics in both civilian and military applications, the workshop is expected to be of interest to researchers from academia, industry, and military research labs.

Expected attendance

We expect about 50 people to attend the workshop. For the contributed papers, we expect about 10 papers to be presented as spotlight talk (6-10 minutes per presentation depending on the number of accepted papers and the format of the workshop) and with at least 10 papers as poster presentations if in-person meeting becomes available. These numbers are based on data from previous meetings as shown below:

• Emergent Behaviors in Human-Robot Systems — Half-day Workshop at RSS 2020: 6 spotlight presentations

• Foundational Problems in Multi-Robot Coordination under Uncertainty and Adversarial Attacks – Half-day Workshop at ICRA 2020: 7 contributed papers

• Resilient Robot Teams: Composing, Acting, and Learning – Half-day Workshop at ICRA 2019: 6 spotlight presentations + 8 poster presentations