The Internship Advantage

Internships enhance classroom learning by integrating real-world work experience, confirming or redirecting career choices, improving job opportunities after graduation, providing networking opportunities, and supplementing income while earning a degree.

Part of a student's education is learning what is required of them to be a professional. Going through the professional application process early in their college career will make preparing a resume/cover letter and interviewing second nature by the time the student is ready to graduate.

Student Quotes

  Pentair Logo Pentair 

"Pentair is an industry leading, international supplier of solutions for the world's most precious resource, water!  I was able to connect with them at a CAE career fair and they reached out to me a year later via LinkedIn in regards to a Quality Engineer position opening.  I interned with the company for 3 months with a focus on learning and implementing process control / improvement via Lean Manufacturing techniques.  Pentair is all about company & employee growth, so much so that I ended up receiving a full-time offer for a post-graduation career!" - N.G.

Endeavour Air Logo

Endeavor Air

Z.B. talks about his experience with Kent State University and STEP (Student to Endeavor Pilot).
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Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport

"In August 2016, I was fortunate enough to be offered a six-month internship position working with the operations team at the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming.
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"I had an amazing 10 month experience working as a Mechanical Design Intern for Nidec Motor Corporation. The faculty at Kent State's College of Aeronautics & Engineering have prepared me with all of the technical skills I need to be a successful engineer, however, there are just some things you can't learn in a classroom. As a global supplier of a variety of electronic products, Nidec enabled me to understand how large manufacturing companies operate. Not only did I learn, but I also expanded my network and created connections that I will be able to call on throughout my career." - N. G.




Flight Safety International Logo

Flight Safety

"I can easily say Flight Safety has been the greatest opportunity in career advancement I have had thus far.
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NASA Glenn Research Center

NASA Glenn

"My internship with NASA Glenn Research Center represents the single most valuable contributor to my college education.
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NASA Langley Research Center


NASA Langley

"This dynamic team experience greatly helped me with my own career and education plans, as this is now what's becoming more prevalent in the Aerospace Industry." A.F.
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"BGI is a very special place and filled with some of the brightest minds in aviation. It is very humbling to be a part of it. There's a lot from the internship experience that I'm sure will pay dividends for me some time later in life. I'm lucky and proud to be with BGI. It is awesome to have a job you can brag about." E. Q.


Person driving a plane



United Airlines

"Newark is a blast to say the least. Just in the past two days, I've been in the cockpits of 737s, A320s, and a few 777s. I love it!!!!" J.I. (United Airlines)



Parker Logo


Parker Parflex

"Interning with Parker is a great opportunity where I get to see and work with engineering principles and procedures, while gaining real world experience from a Fortune 500 company that cannot be taught in the class room." A.G.




National heat exchange cleaning corporation

National Heat Exchange

National Heat Exchange CC -"This internship has allowed me to apply my Kent State education to a real-world professional environment while earning a wage and gaining experience necessary for being competitive in the post-graduation career search." K.S.


Cleveland Center Weather Service



Cleveland Center Weather Service Unit

Cleveland Center Weather Service Unit (CCWSU) -"As a pilot, being aware of the weather and your surroundings is extremely important for every aspect of flight, from pre-flight to the landing. I am enjoying this internship thoroughly..." R.A.