Judith F. Van Zante

Judith F. Van Zante , Ph.D.

Contractor, Technical Lead: Icing Engineering,

NASA Glenn, based in Cleveland, Ohio

Experience: 25 years

Contact: Judith.F.VanZante@nasa.gov

Flight Hours: 0.25, for one Ice-Contaminated Tailplane Stall

Biography: Van Zante's 25 years of experience in icing research spans a variety of topics. As the Tech Lead, she characterizes the icing clouds in both of NASA Glenn's icing-capable facilities. She has also researched ice accretion physics and been a flight test engineer studying ice-contaminated tailplane stall. She has given scores of talks to pilots and engineers. Aircraft Previously Flown include a DHC-6 Twin Otter - NASA's Icing Research Aircraft.

Presentation: NASA Glenn's Facilities Simulating Airframe and Engine Icing.