Why CAE?

Applied Engineering

photo Kevin Williams 2017 graduateFavorite experience you would like to share: "I am grateful for the hands-on classroom experience from my professors and fellow engineering students. Kent State is a welcoming university that awards hard work with professional teacher to student interaction making for an excellent learning environment" ...continue reading Kevin's story

-Kevin D. Williams, II, 2017 B.S. Applied Engineering concentration in Mechanical Engineering Technology, COTWORKS Fiber Optics Engineer Technician

“My bachelor’s degree from KSU’s technology program provided me with an invaluable combination of a high-tech learning environment, hands-on industrial experience and an effective approach to managing resources.”

-Tony Zalar, 2005 B.S. Applied Engineering, Foundry Operations Manager, The Babcock & Wilcox Co.

Favorite memory you would like to share: "Hanging out with my fellow members of the KSU AFS student chapter. Favorite staff members: Michael Dragomier, Tom Cobett, Tom Kalo, Lawrence Epps and Michael Gershe." Shawn is now a Project Engineer at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Charlotte, North Carolina.

-Shawn Taylor, 2015 B.S. Applied Engineering concentration in Applied Engineering and Technology Management

Favorite memory you would like to share: "Traveling to Florida to compete in the NASA Robotics Mining Competition was the most influential and eye opening experience I had at Kent State University...continue reading Joshua's story

-Joshua Ishihara, 2016 B.S. Applied Engineering concentration in Computer Engineering Technology, RoviSys Systems Engineer I

photo Jeremiah Kearns 2006 graduate"My favorite classes were Dr. Verna Fitzsimmons'. She kept them light, but drilled into the detail necessary to learn the material and think about how it would apply in the real world. I believe her classes had influence when I sought employment after graduation, where I would eventually apply concepts such as LEAN manufacturing, design for manufacturability, automated manufacturing, etc. Currently, I'm the Quality Manager for Rexnord Aerospace, Precision Gear in Twinsburg. We successfully transitioned to AS9100:2016 in the last month, which is a major milestone for the company."

-Jeremiah Kearns, 2006 B.S. Technology, Rexnord Aerospace Quality Manager

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“Kent State’s aviation program has not only been one of the best experiences of my life but also has ingrained into my daily life the academics that give me specialized knowledge of my trade.”

-David Lochner, 2007 B.S. Aeronautics, Air Traffic Control Specialist

"(speaking about Aircraft Dispatch) As far the program itself, I thought it was organized extremely well. The most difficult thing (about taking it over the summer) was how quickly the material was covered. In spite of that, I thought you did a great job at explaining things on a simplistic level in order for students to understand...continue reading Kyle's story

-Kyle Ferguson, 2016 B.S. Aeronautics Concentration Air Traffic Control, Minor in Aircraft Dispatch

photo Ryan Green headshot class of 2016 testimonial"The Kent State University dispatch program is, in my opinion, an elite level course. It provides comprehensive and complete instruction on aircraft dispatch and prepared me thoroughly to complete the ADX written, and practical exam. This resulted in me receiving a dispatch license. Within six months of completing the course I was offered, and accepted, a Flight Dispatcher position with Netjets Inc. I could not be happier. Thank you Dr. Richard L. Mangrum, and thank you Kent State University."

-Ryan Green, 2016 B.S. Aeronautics Concentration Air Traffic Control, Minor in Aircraft Dispatch

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