Maker Alley

Maker Alley labs will be located in a shared corridor with views from the atrium and main corridor. Between the new addition and the existing building will be a secure yard that serves Foundry activities and the demonstration of processes that require exterior space. The yard will connect the existing Aeronautics and Engineering Building’s Materials and Processes Lab  (M&P Lab) to three new teaching labs.

The first two new labs will be the Pattern & Fabrication Lab, followed by the Makerspace Lab which will include eight stations, smaller 3D printers, a laser cutter, 3D scanner, a soldering station, and other types of equipment to use in the ideation and implementation phases of the design process. This lab is securely designed for work associated with Stratasys 3-D printers.

The third lab will be The Design & Innovation Lab and is designed in coordination with the Design Innovation Initiative. The Design Lab will facilitate the completion of student projects. Zones in this lab contain student tables beneath overhead utility carriers, open project space, collaboration space, perimeter benchtop workstations, a welding station and project storage lockers. Students will see their ideas become reality as they use this space to complete the final phase of their design processes. 

Together, these labs create a dynamic learning environment with flexible and adaptable teaching and research lab spaces and will provide a truly unique and impactful set of facilities enabling students to understand the entire engineering design and manufacturing enterprise.

Maker Alley makes it possible for our students to be daring.