Mark Cironi

Head shot of Mark Cironi

President, CEO, Green Energy Technologies

As the founder of Green Energy Technologies, Mark Cironi invented the flagship wind turbine of the company, the Wind Sphere, a patented shrouded technology designed for urban wind applications.

Green Energy Technologies has been a wind turbine manufacturer since 2006. Prior to the development of Green Energy Technologies Cironi spent 30 years in the computer industry in sales, sales management, consulting services and project management. The companies in which Cironi was employed within the computer industry included IBM (aircraft and aerospace accounts), Oracle (major accounts in Ohio and Pennsylvania) and Digital Equipment Corporation/HP (Tire Industry).

Currently Cironi is the President and CEO of Green Energy Technologies responsible for production, sales, implementation and customer satisfaction while returning dividends to the stockholders. Park Ohio/Ajax Tocco, our parent corporation, manufactures the Wind Sphere in Ohio.