Michael Parker

Michael Parker, a senior Mechatronics student, was recently accepted into a year-long internship, in computer-aided sheet metal design for Bessamaire HVEC, a Heating, Ventilation, and Evaporative cooling company.

Parker plans to pursue a position in the field of automation after graduation, citing his Advanced CAD II 3D modeling and design class as teaching him real-world concepts he uses in his internship and in robotics competitions.

“Every year our robotics team invites a few universities from the NASA competition to our space to practice in our regulation sized sand pit,” Parker says. “Hosting practice competitions for the NASA Robotic Mining competition has been among the most inspirational experiences as a Kent State student. Teams from the University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University, Virginia Tech and Iowa State have come to our campus. The robotics event has not only been a good opportunity for technical
collaboration, but also good for socializing and getting to know people from other teams.”

As a member of the Kent State Robotics Team, Parker attended the NASA Robotics Mining competition held at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. He says he was proud to represent Kent State in his travels, but plans to stay in Ohio after graduation.