Mike Gerda ‘93

Mike Gerda ‘93


Degree/University: Bachelors of Science / Kent State University

Hometown: Cleveland

Current Location: Cleveland

Employer: Flexjet

Title: Chief Aircraft Manager and Check Airman

Previous Employers: Corporate Wings, Flight Options / Captain, Check Airman, Manager of Standards

Aircraft Currently Flying: Gulfstream G450

Aircraft Previously Flown: Citation II, Westwind, Hawker 800, Gulfstream IV, Citation X

Flight Hours: 13,500

Years of Experience: 5 years active Certified Flight Instructor, 23 years 135 Captain, 16 years 135 Check Airman, 1 year Manager of Standards, 4 years Chief Aircraft Manager

Biography: Gerda has been flying jet aircraft for the last 23 years. In that timeframe, he has performed duties as a Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) part 135 Check Airman and as Manager of Standards working with the FAA. In his role as Manager of Standards, he worked with the FAA in creating company policy, manual creation, updating FAA approved documents and creating training syllabi. In the past four years, he has held the title of Chief Aircraft Manager. Those duties include managing crew schedules, coordinating with maintenance, operations and training departments. His international flying includes Europe and South America.

Presentation: Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Safety in the Fractional FAR Part 135 pilot’s life / This discussion will highlight the unique aspects of being a pilot in the fractional industry. There are many different considerations and variables a fractional 135 pilot needs to consider compared to an airline 121 pilot. A fractional 135 pilot needs to be more hands on and directly involved with the safe operation of the aircraft.