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KSU Flying Club

The KSU Flying club is a student organization that allows access to university aircraft for rental purposes for students of the university as well as pilots in the community. The student organization has elected officers, by-laws, and bi-yearly club dues. Club members will adhere to all KSU Flight Training Procedures as outlined in the Flight Operations Manual. Students and community members can use the aircraft for takeoff/landing and IFR currency, as well as flight reviews, Instrument Proficiency checks. This club cannot be used to receive dual instruction towards a certificate or rating.

Faculty Advisor: Brian Neff, 330-672-1936,

Air Traffic Control Logo

Kent State Air Traffic Control Organization

KAO is an organization of people who work together to create an incredible environment of learning, improvement, and enjoyment of all things air traffic. Contact info:

Kent State Air Traffic Control Organization

Faculty Advisor: Jason Boergerhoff, MS, 330-672-4273,

Kent State University

Kent State Business Aviation Association

Summer 2017 new student organization geared towards Business Aviation. This free membership organization is under the NBAA and offers networking opportunities within the industry, jobs, scholarships, and conferences to further your education.

Korean Club logo

Kent State Korean Culture Club

The purpose of the Kent State Korean Culture Club is to promote and immerse students in Korean culture, language, music, history, and politics through cultural activities, field trips, and informational meetings.



Faculty Advisor: Chang-Geun Oh, Ph. D, 330-672-0871,

Kent State Precision Flight Team

Kent State Precision Flight Team

The team is a registered student organization at Kent State and is open to all students with an interest in aviation. Membership is required and attendance at practices, meetings etc. is also required. The team is part of a national organization known as the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) which has 11 regions situated geographically around the nation. Kent State is in Region III with OU, OSU, University of Cincinnati, and Western Michigan University (WMU). Region III perennially has Kent, OSU, and WMU ranked in the top ten nationally and OU occasionally makes it as well. It is considered the toughest region in NIFA.

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Advisor/Head Coach: George Armann, BS, 330-672-1496,


Kent State University Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (KSU-OBAP)

The Kent State University student chapter of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals is a student organization that is rooted in providing support, community, and professional development for students on their collective journeys towards becoming aviation and aerospace professionals. Membership and participation is open to and welcome to all students. Instagram: @ksu_obap, Twitter: KentstateOBAP, email:


Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Epps, 330-672-9989,

LIFTED Church Logo


LIFTED, Living in Faith Throughout Each Day, aims to teach aeronautics students as well as others about how the Bible applies, not just to our lives at church or Bible studies, but to our everyday life. LIFTED will remain open minded to anyone wishing to talk about any issue, problem, or concern they may have. The collective College of Aeronautics and Engineering society will become closer due to God’s love expressed through the actions and interactions of our members throughout each day.

Faculty Advisor: George Armann, BS, 330-672-1496,


National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA-KSU)

The National Gay Pilots Association Kent State University Chapter serves as a safe environment for pilots and aviation enthusiasts of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community and its allies. In addition, this chapter will promote safety and professionalism in the aviation community, and also enhance the mission of KSU by generally promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. Providing opportunities in leadership, networking, mentorships, scholarships and raising the profile of LGBT aviators.

Faculty Advisor: George Armann, BS, 330-672-1496,

Robotics Club Logo

Robotics Club


Click below to read more about robotics club.

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Sustainable Living at Kent (SLAK)

The purpose of Sustainable Living at Kent is to incite change in the lifestyle of students, staff members, and the surrounding communities and organizations, while raising social awareness and preparing the way for a more sustainable world.

Faculty Advisor: Yanhai Du, Ph. D, 330-672-1910,

Women in Aviation Logo

Women in Aviation

AKA Flying Black Squirrels. It’s a great chance to meet mentors, fellow students and even future employers. A few of the things we do is mentoring in and outside of the group with events such as mock interview night, the national conference, WOW (wings of women event), giving everyone the chance to meet mentors, future employers, find internships and learn new things about aviation and tours such as airport tower tours, museum tours, airplane hangar tours. Of course we have fun nights and get together to get to know each other more and make new friends. Men are welcome to join as well. Facebook: Kent State Women in Aviation, Instagram: ksu_womeninaviation

Faculty Advisor: Brian Neff, 330-672-1936,

X-Bots Team

Robotics team focusing on remote-controlled robots that face off in BattleBots-style competitions.

Faculty Advisor: Trent True, MT, 330-672-7494,