College of Aeronautics and Engineering Students Recognized

College of Aeronautics and Engineering students recognized in two award ceremonies

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

photo Kareem Rogers, Dr. Nettey, Courtney Flickinger SURE Award Ceremony

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering congratulates the faculty mentors and students who participated in the 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program and its associated project presentations held in the Kent Student Center on Wednesday, October 4,  2017. Below is a listing of CAE student competitors, and their mentors, in Physical Science.

  • Tyler Bodenschatz, senior Aeronautics (Flight Technology), mentor D. Blake Stringer, Ph. D.
  • Paramanand Deginal, sophomore Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology, mentor Dr. Roberto Uribe, Ph. D.
  • Courtney Flickinger, sophomore Aeronautics (Aviation Management), mentor I. Richmond Nettey, Ph. D. (both pictured above)
  • Kareem Rogers, senior Aeronautics (Aviation Management), mentor I. Richmond Nettey, Ph. D. (both pictured above)
  • Robert Wilson, senior Aerospace Engineering, Dr. D. Blake Stringer
  • Dr. Richard Mangrum served as a presentation judge

Congratulations to Courtney Flickinger for placing first in the Physical Science section of the 2017 SURE program.

photo Adrian Rivera inducted into National Society of Collegiate ScholarsNational Society of Collegiate Scholars

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars recognizes academic achievement, awards scholarships, fosters networking, and offers many other opportunities to members. Adrian Rivera Irizarry, sophomore Aerospace Engineering, was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

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