Master of Science in Aviation Management and Logistics

Master of Science in Aviation Management and Logistics

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE) is excited to offer an MS in Aviation Management and Logistics, which is made for working professionals or those who will soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The CAE chose to offer this master’s degree option considering the International Air Transportation’s forecast that doubles air traffic to 7.8 billion trips per year by 2036. Air Cargo is expected to reach 150 million tons shipped per year in the same forecast.

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering’s MS in Aviation Management and Logistics advances current careers and for those entering the workplace will put you far and ahead of those without an advanced degree or specific management and logistics training. The degree is geared to give students a unique educational experience that can be immediately used in practice.

The degree is offered 100 percent online, with no GRE requirement, international students need only basic IELTS score. The non-thesis and thesis options (for those who may want to teach or get a Ph.D.)

Classes can be taken in three semesters (fall, spring, summer) but can be taken over a longer period of time with most classes being only 8 weeks in length.

With a blend of aeronautics requirements, management, technology and traditional inquiry courses, the college offers 11 new courses in exciting areas of instruction, which includes management information systems and marketing course work.

The instruction is interactive, through Blackboard Collaborate is not a typical read and click self-learning option. The practicum course or individual investigation course can make use of projects being performed in the workplace.

List of MS in Aviatio
MS Aviation Management Logistics Mangrum
n Management and Logistics Courses

Aeronautics Requirements (10 credits hours)

Seminar: Emerging Issues in Aviation Logistics

Logistical Strategies in Aviation Management

Legal and Regulatory Issues for Air Cargo Management

Aviation Economics and Fiscal Management

Modeling and Forecasting for Aviation Logistics Planning

Management Requirements (6 credit hours)

Analytics for Decision Making

Operations, Service and Supply Chain Management

Globalization and Technology Strategy

Technology Requirements (9 credit hours)

Quantitative Methods in Technology

Six-Sigma: Tools and Applications for Technology

Research Methods in Technology

Electives (2-6 credit hours)

Practicum in Aeronautics

Aviation Industry Contract Management

Human Error Analysis in Aviation

Aviation Safety Management Systems

Airline Transportation Operations

Air Cargo Security

Weather for Aviation Logistics Planning

Individual Investigation in Aeronautics

Capstone in Aeronautics

Leadership and Managerial Assessment

Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Culminating Requirement (2-6 credit hours)


Capstone in Aeronautics

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