Mechatronics Engineers Wanted: CAE Trains the Best and Brightest

The phrase time is money is most accurate when applied to industry. When inefficiencies can cost millions, employing mechatronics engineers is essential to streamlining efforts and maximizing production.

In 2018, Kent State’s College of Aeronautics and Engineering initiated its BS in Mechatronics Engineering program and received significant interest from perspective students as well as companies looking to employ program graduates.

Employers of engineers increasingly hire teams based on their ability to work across a broad spectrum of projects and mechatronics combines areas of mechanical, electronic and control systems, as well as computers. as well as other recruitment companies cite the median pay of mechatronics engineers as $96,000 citing federal government and private sector jobs with the best compensation.

The Mechatronics Engineering BS is offered at the Kent Campus, also offering courses online. The program roadmap explains details for incoming student requirements as well as skills needed for transfer students.

In addition to spreading the word about KSU’s Mechatronics BS, the CAE hosts STEM camps that bring junior high school students to campus to offer a weeklong, hands-on engineering experience. Current KSU mechatronics students also foster the love of engineering through weekend robotics-building sessions with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

POSTED: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 2:59pm
UPDATED: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 2:59pm