Meet Alejandro Galioto

Alejandro Galioto


CEO at True-Course Aviation Insurance, Los Angeles, CA.


How did your experiences while learning at Kent State help you in post-collegiate jobs?

The aviation education was the best education I have ever received. The focus on procedures and clarity in the name of safety has stayed with me to this day. Not just flying airplanes but approaching any situations with risk.


Did you feel adequately prepared to enter the workforce after your education at CAE?

Absolutely, it never even crossed my mind to question that. My challenge was deciding which direction to choose. I had several options: FBI translator, aviation insurance claims, flight instruction.


What influenced your decision to work in the industry?

Love of airplanes. All my life. Ultimately settling for aviation insurance because I like business and aviation.


What is your favorite Kent State memory?

The way all the people welcomed me and treated me, Ohio has wonderful people.


What does your average work day look like?

Breakfast with the kids, meditation, work, lunch, work, gym or surf, dinner with the kids, time with my wife. Repeat!


What has your greatest professional accomplishment been so far?

Starting a business that has lasted nine years and is still thriving.


What advice would you give current aeronautics and engineering students?

Think outside the box and take risks.


How do you feel about the Aeronautics and Technology Building expansion and the new Aeronautics Academic Center at the KSU Airport?

This was way overdue. The aeronautics program has always been amazing, now we finally have a facility that reflects that.


What are your thoughts on how CAE’s programs have evolved since you were a student?

We did not have these options when I was a student at Kent. I think these are essential to round out KSU's approach to aviation. Very happy we can now contribute to all aspects of the aerospace industry.


What is the most exciting part of your job?

Delivering value to customers when no one else could. Getting it done!


What news do you enjoy learning about regarding current KSU students?

Kent has a lot of stories of success from students who came from lower income households. The American dream is alive and well at Kent State.


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UPDATED: Friday, December 09, 2022 06:49 AM