A Message from the Dean

October 19, 2020
Dean Bloebaum photo
Dear students of CAE, 

Welcome to all of you! We are happy to be partnering with you in your education as we all continue to maneuver daily. Whether you are a returning student of our CAE family or we are just beginning to make acquaintances, you will find unlimited opportunities as you continue the trek of lifelong learning. 

This year, we have chosen to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how big or small. During the past six months, the College of Aeronautics and Engineering has continued to work toward meeting our long-term goals. We are committed to enriching our CAE culture and climate, and we believe that begins with fostering student success in academics and career development. We have been hard at work designing the first  ever virtual career fair, working in our first year experience courses to further develop strengths identified by Clifton Strengths Finder, and had more than 60 students complete their flight courses. 

We are continuing to move forward with the development of our academic programs and striving for research excellence. Our pursuit of unique opportunities and philanthropic efforts will continue to support you as our students and provide you with the best opportunities available. We are looking forward to the future design of the Aeronautics and Engineering Building expansion which will provide more laboratory spaces, educational resources, and elevate our academic programs and research excellence. Vital to excellence, connection, and innovation is our commitment to an inclusive environment where you, our  faculty, our staff, and our community feel safe and supported. 

Cultivating innovation and perseverance is the signet of our college. We encourage our community to celebrate their differences and collaborate around them. Together, we create a warm and welcoming environment to provide you with the skills and knowledge to go out and face the challenges of our uncertain world head on. We engage you in the mission of overcoming limits and improving the lives of those you touch starting from the first time you interact with us - and as our student and a member of our CAE family, we engage you in the very same mission. 

I am certain that this year ahead will be full of challenging and rewarding experiences. Thank you for your support. We are in this together. 

Flashes Take 

Care of Flashes. Always. 


Signature of Dean Christina Bloebaum

Christina Bloebaum, Ph.D. 

Dean and Professor

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