Newsletter December 2019

dean’s headshot

Winter is now wonderfully and beautifully here, with glistening snow and dropping temperatures, but increasing enthusiasm for all we do here in CAE. On behalf of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, I want to wish you and your family peace, joy and much happiness as we end the Fall semester and embrace the holiday season. We are excited at the upcoming year and look forward to interacting with you all as we continue on our path of growth and development of unique and impactful undergraduate and graduate programs, facilities, and industry engagement opportunities.

Our September Alumni and Friends Dinner and the A&E Expo were huge successes, as was the Grand Opening of our new FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center (FAAC). We reconnected with so many alumni and made many new friends who are dedicated to helping our students and programs as we move forward with our new vision and mission. We officially launched our new partnership with Delta, becoming one of their select Delta Propel partners. Many more partnerships have been initiated and are in the process of being formalized in both Aeronautics and Engineering, and the tremendous success of our recent Career Fairs is evidence of these strong partnerships. This is extremely exciting for all of CAE and you should all be proud as well. While I previously projected an enrollment growth of over 25%, the final numbers were tallied and we grew an incredible 52% this Fall semester in our new full-time equivalent (FTE) admissions. Part of our tremendous success can be attributed to the message that we are truly unique across universities - we are a college with Aeronautics, Engineering Technology, and Engineering working together to tackle the country's and state's biggest needs. And we are doing this in a synergistic way that matches the needs of today's industries. We continue to build our industry connections and hope you will reach out to us so we can help you and your company - wherever you are! Motivated by this growth, we will very soon be sharing conceptual drawings of two anticipated building projects in CAE - a new Maintenance Operations and Academic Center at the Kent State Airport that would serve as both an operational repair station and would host a new Aircraft Maintenance program, as well as a significant expansion of our existing Aeronautics and Engineering Building on the Kent Campus that would house new laboratories, classrooms, research facilities and collaborative learning spaces. Every day brings new opportunities for CAE faculty, staff and students to connect our wonderful alumni and industry partners. We look forward to seeing you all soon!