Photo of Nick Bellaurdo

Nick Belluardo, ’15 

Degree: Air Traffic Control, BS and Aviation Management, BS
Employer: Planning Manager, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
City: Cleveland, OH

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Photo of Ted Orris

Ted Orris’83

As a tenured pilot with Southwest Airlines, Ted Orris’83 has stayed involved with his alma mater. He has been involved in College of Aeronautics and Engineering events, serving as a keynote speaker for Safety Day and was honored at the 2018 Vision 21 Awards Banquet.

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Head Shot of Clint Hess

Clint Hess’16

As a recent engineering graduate of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE), Clint Hess’16, has already earned the role of a Foundry Manager with Adalet Enclosure Systems. 


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Photo of Alejandro Galioto

Alejandro Galioto’98

CEO at True-Course Aviation Insurance, Los Angeles, CA. The aviation education was the best education I have ever received. The focus on procedures and clarity in the name of safety has stayed with me to this day. Not just flying airplanes but approaching any situations with risk.

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Head Shot of Daniel A. Wolfe

Daniel A. Wolfe

Daniel A. Wolfe, VP/General Manager, and Aircraft Captain, Nationwide Aviation Business Center. My time at Kent State was truly the foundation for my post-collegiate jobs.

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Magd al Harbi, '18   

Degree: Mechatronics Engineering Technology, BS
Employer: Tesla
City: Reno, NV


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