Private Pilot Pinning Ceremony - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Private Pilot Pinning Ceremony 

What is the Private Pilot Pinning Ceremony?

The Private Pilot Pinning Ceremony is a unique and special ceremony for the private pilot community at Kent State University and signifies the successful completion of the Private Pilot Certification in the educational progression toward becoming a professional pilot. 

Who is eligible to participate? 

The inaugural ceremony will honor and recognize students who have successfully earned their Private Pilot Certificate at Kent State University in the last four years, as well as those who have entered the program with their Private Pilot Certificate prior to beginning the program but have completed their first flight course at Kent State University.

In addition, current CFI's who have graduated within the last three years are invited to participate in the inaugural ceremony.

Dress Code

Ceremony Participants: Business Casual 

Ceremony Guests: Casual 

This event is taking place during the A&E Expo. This family and community event has been a fixture in the Stow/Kent community for more than two decades, and we are thrilled to bring this event back and showcase our Airport and FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center to the community.


Admission to A&E Expo (and ceremony) is $5 per person; $20 per family of 5+. Tickets will be available for purchase upon arrival. 


Due to onsite parking availability, parking arrangements have been made at Kimpton Middle School, and shuttle bus transportation will be provided from Kimpton Middle School to the A&E Expo. Please plan accordingly. 

The address for Kimpton Middle School is: 

380 N River Road 

Monroe Fall, OH 44262


All questions about eligibility and participation can be directed to