Ray Steinhauser, MD

Ray Steinhauser, MD


Degree:  Medical Doctor

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Current Location: Ashland, Ohio

Employer: Aviation Medical Examiner / OhioAME

Previous Employers: USAF Flight Surgeon

Aircraft Currently Flying: Cessna 152

Aircraft Previously Flown: Cessna 182/ Cessna 206/ Cessna 310/ Piper JetProp

Flight Hours: 2,100

Years of Experience: OhioAME since 2007

Presentation: Lecture 1 - Navigating the FAA Medical System Lecture 2 - FAA Drug and Alcohol Policy / Lecture 1: Understanding the FAA Medxpress Form/ Common Applicant Errors/ The Special Issuance Process/ Frequent Medication Questions

Lecture 2 Understanding Changes to the FAA Drug and Alcohol Policy/ What is the HIMS Program/ and the Best Course of Action to Protect your Medical Certificate in the Event of a Traffic Stop