Remote Controlled Bluetooth Vehicle

The Remote Controlled Bluetooth Vehicle project is led by Research Team Member Magd Al Harbi.

There are three main categories in The Remote Controlled (RC) Bluetooth Vehicle: electronic, mechanical, and programming. The Vehicle has Arduino board as the central processing with two additional chips. One of the chips is for controlling motors’ speed and direction called "l298n". The other chip is the Bluetooth module, which acts as the medium between the two wireless points. The beauty of this project is that there is no need for one specific remote control. In fact, any smart device (e.g. a smartphone) can instantly become the remote control after installing the pre-programmed application. One of the unique features of the application is how it uses the data measured by the accelerometer in the device, and with a little of manipulation, direction and speed are obtained to control the robot. The application establishes a Bluetooth communication with the vehicle and has a range up to 100 feet. The aluminum design of the chassis allows the robot to have sufficient durability to work in different environments such as sand and snow, and enables the robot to climb and go over obstacles in its path.