Research in Electron Beam Technology

photo 200kV electron beam unit in ATB

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE) has been conducting research in the use of high energy electron beams for the modification of materials mainly for the polymer and semiconductor industries.

Part of the work centers in the development of research protocols and standards to ensure a good quality control during the interaction of the electrons with materials (dosimetry), and a second area is in the application of these technology in the area of crosslinking, polymerization and degradation of polymers and in the radiation effects in solar cells and other electronic components that go in space satellites either in the power modules or in the instrumentation.

For these areas of research two electron beam instruments are used, one is a 5MV electron accelerator available through a collaboration with NEO Beam Alliance Ltd in Middlefield OH, and the other one a is a 200 kV electron beam unit available in room 104 Aeronautics and Technology Building.

photo electron beam room at NEO Beam

Above: Beam room at the NEO Beam facility. An operator is working with a CAE student in setting up an experiment

photo 200kV electron beam unit in ATB

Above: 200kV unit located in room 104 ATB

Interested? Want to get involved? Contact:

Dr. Roberto M. Uribe
ATB 228G